Its Not The Last Hit That Breaks The Ice – Zika Nwaise

I remember one of the workshops we had where one of our speakers made a statement ‘Effort is good but result is better’.

A person who has a dream that has not been developed is not recognized until that dream becomes a reality.

Truly, it is good to dream big and paint a big picture of what we want and how we intend to start out in life but the thing is many of us keep on dreaming and do not know when to wake up and face reality.

Even if it doesn’t look like you are getting that big picture anytime soon, it’s better to start something no matter how small it may be, it could even be a volunteer job in order to get you the experience you need for the bigger job.

As Thomas Edison said, ‘Success is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration’ in other words, you need to take actions in other to bridge that gap between your dream and the reality of what you want. Never allow fear to stop you from taking actions, either the fear of failure i.e. thinking about “what if it doesn’t work?”or the fear of criticisms ‘what would people say?’ rather ask yourself “what do I think I will need to do more or differently in other to make it work?”

After making the decision to ‘Act’, endeavor to be focused. When you try to break a large chunk of ice, you may need to hit it a hundred times for it to break but it is not that hundredth hit that breaks the ice but every hit before the last one added to it. So endeavor to ‘act’ and ‘keep acting’.

Zika Nwaise

BiEmpowerment Team


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