NO PAIN, NO GAIN – Tokunbo Fasoro

Last week Monday, I left my house, situated at a certain area in Lagos by 5:27am. I had a training commencing at 8:00am, but I was stuck in traffic. I did not get to my destination in Victoria Island until 9:10am. I spent close to three and a half hours in traffic!!

I looked out of my window and I saw people just like me who do this 5 or 6 times a week, I thought to myself, “Will I be doing this again tomorrow?” That was when I realized that for many of them on the street, it was a Yes. They had no choice. There was a reward at the end of it all. You can call it profit or salary, depending on the destination, but the point I am trying to make from this is “No Pain No Gain”

My mind also flashed back to my aerobics class and the trainer who will never let us have any rest. He keeps pushing us to keep doing those very strenuous and painful exercises over and over again, telling us “No Pain No Gain”

The moral of this is that nothing good comes easy, you need to keep pushing even when it looks like you might not make it. Some of your colleagues may drop off on the way but YOU remain focused on YOUR goal. It could be a career goal or a certain business, do not be distracted, the gain or reward will surely come one day.

Tokunbo Fasoro

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