Mrs. Kehinde Iyiola Talks About Her Journey

Mrs.Kehinde Iyiola, the CEO of Finesse events. One of the top event planning outfits in Nigeria speaks to the BI Empowerment team.

Who is Kehinde Iyiola?

Kehinde Iyiola is a lover of God, wife and a mother. I was birthed into a family of all girls and happened to be the 3rd or 4th child of the family. I’m a twin so am  always at war between myself and my twin sister of who is older. Attended Ascon Staff School, Badagry for my primary education. Lagos State Model College Secondary School, Kankon and  Lagos State University where I studied Law.

I understand you weren’t born with a silver spoon, Did you have a particular mindset to succeed or did it just happen?

I never wanted to be ordinary or dependent on anyone for financial support. It’s was a great passion burning inside of me to always think of something to do, that I will make legitimate money from. I stopped collecting money from my parent since I was in 200 level. It’s not because they didn’t have, my twin sister didn’t even school in Nigeria. I just wanted to be independent financially. I could recall back then, my Mum gives me her old beads and I redesign them to sell.  There were days I was robbed, there were days I was stranded. I lost a pregnancy and had a car accident on a trip to deliver a job to mention a few but giving up wasn’t an option for me.

I could recall when I finished school and I told my parent I wasn’t going to practice law, till tomorrow my Father still finds it’s difficult to believe but  he is proud of what have been able to achieve today, oh YES!  It wasn’t a smooth ride at all, thinking back. Started my company with zero kobo, when people come around and see the amount of asset we have been able to pull together it’s hard to believe. First, you must enjoy what you do, when you are after excellence, success will follow you.

What will you say inspired you to succeed?

My siblings will say, don’t you get tired? When I started doing events, money was not my main goal. I would beg people to allow me plan their  events even without a kobo but trust me, when I’m done, you would recommend me to your friends. When I had a car accident and my head was stitched  and I was still standing at the event moving round and ensuring the event was a success, my client could not believe it. For me, once I am committed to something, I must see it through. My passion for my job has brought me opportunities I never imagined I could get. Giving up as never been an option for me.

I tell people success is a choice, it’s a journey you have to be committed to once the choice is made. Different events inspire me per time.

Who are your role models?

My Mum, she attended the university after she had giving birth to the 5 of us and she still finished with a second class upper, Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s teachings very simple but practical and life changing  if followed. Karen Tran for her creative works to mention a few.

What advice would you give the youths that would inspire them into success?

My number one advice is try to discover your passion, what do you enjoy doing even without been paid. Once it’s discovered, add excellence to it and people will pay to engage your service.


We say a big thank you to Kehinde Iyiola for speaking to us.

We hope this interview has inspired you.

The BI Empowerment Team.


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