Money or Passion? Which would make you happy?

The major problem with most people is that they put making money before fulfilling their dreams or their passion.

I have a lot of friends who have gotten into banking just because of the money, fast forward to 10 years down the line, they want to get out to pursue their passion. Unfortunately, 10 years have been wasted on being average. 

Working for free is definitely a lot of sacrifice, but nothing good comes easy. We make sacrifices to succeed sometimes. I remember the first employee I took into my company was earning five times what I was offering her in her previous employment. Honestly, I must tell, you I didn’t want to take her because I felt she would be dissatisfied. But she made the decision to move because she wanted to build a career in Human Resources (HR). I asked her “How will you cope? Honestly, this is a start up and I definitely cannot do much”. You wouldn’t believe what she said to me! She said “I should be paying you ma for teaching me” At that point, I saw the determination and the willingness to learn in her, and  I took her in just with a little increase to accommodate her transportation cost.

She came in with such an impressive amount of energy and humility that I put in every effort to ensure she was well trained.  Within 3 months of working in the organization she had already started training graduates. Today, she works in one of the top HR companies in Nigeria. That only happened because she sacrificed to learn.

Sometimes we need to do what it takes to achieve our goals, as long as its within the confines of the law. I know a number of people who have volunteered to work for free, and two months into the job they have added so much value that they are already negotiating their salaries with the MD of the organization. 

It only takes hard work, sacrifice and the determination to succeed.

Tokunbo Fasoro

BI Empowerment Team


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