A Message to 2016 NYSC Batch ‘B’ Stream I Corp Members from the BI Empowerment Team

The BI Empowerment team would like to use this opportunity to congratulate the 2016 NYSC Batch ‘B’ Stream I Corp Members who will be heading to camp very soon.
First of all, we would want to correct a popular opinion that NYSC is a waste of time. It is not! The one year work experience is the most important part of your CV to we Human Resources Consultants and in building a career both as a career person or an entrepreneur.

We have a few nuggets for you
1. NYSC is the first work experience most graduates have, this is the time to prove that you are different from every other graduate. You need to work hard and stand out in your place of primary assignment.
2. Job responsibilities can be copied, we need you to get in there and achieve great things, initiate and Implement great Ideas that will make your CV stand out from others.
3. Do not go into a place and never leave a mark people can look back and say it was when this Corp member was here that he or she introduced this. A positive mark that will make people refer to you forever.
5. Aim at touching lives in any community you find yourself, you do not have to spend so much or get an award in your state, but you would have done something positive to a life that will forever live to remember you.
6. Take your work seriously and sincerely serve your country Nigeria, we all have a part to play in making Nigeria a great nation, it could be just an encouraging words to a student in that school in the village where you are teaching that says ” you can be who you want to be, just work hard at it” or “if you can think it you can do it”
‎that would change that child’s live forever and you have indeed served your country.
We have thousands of fresh graduates in competition with you in the Labour market.
Go out there and stand out!
BI Empowerment Team


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