Meet the BI Empowerment Team

We are a young,  professional and fun team with a passion for youth empowerment.

First up, we have Tokunbo Fasoro, we call her Toks. She is the Managing Partner at BI Solutions Nigeria, a Certified HR Professional and the Founder of BI Empowerment. She is vibrant, fun and loves to meet people. Her passion is to see young people discover what they want to become early in life and work hard to achieve it. Toks loves to chat with people and a chilled bottle of coke, on a sunny Lagos afternoon will win her heart.

Tokunbo Fasoro

Tokunbo Fasoro

Next up , we have Ayo Akpewe, we call her Ayo. She is a Partner at BI Solutions Nigeria, a certified Digital Project Manager and the Lead Digital Consultant/Head of Operations. She has a passion for all things digital and you are likely to find her stuck in front of her laptop or any mobile device. A member of the BI Empowerment team who seeks to inspire youths to work hard , develop themselves and move with positive world trends.  Ayo is trying her best to live a healthy life but can’t resist a cold bottle of Teem.

Ayo Akpewe

Ayo Akpewe


Next on the team, we have Tosin Adekanmbi, we call her Tosin. She is a Partner, a certified HR Professional and the Lead HR Consultant at BI Solutions Nigeria. She is passionate about keeping professional standards and doing things the right way at all times. A member of the BI Empowerment team, she encourages Nigerian youths on proper conducts, international HR standards and proper workplace behaviour. Tosin is a motivational speaker and  ‘naturalista’ who is passionate about our environment.

Tosin Adekanmbi

Tosin Adekanmbi

Another fun and vibrant member of the BI Empowerment team is Zika Nwaise, we call her ‘the model’. She is an Executive Assistant and Business Development Officer at BI Solutions Nigeria. She is a very valuable member of the team. She attended one of our graduate school trainings and we loved her passion and spirit of excellence. She was recruited to join the team. She recently graduated from the university and understands perfectly the needs of Nigerian graduates.


Zika Nwaise

Last but not least is Stanley Awelewa, a Digital Officer at BI Solutions Nigeria. The only man on our team, he is a Social Media guru and has worked very hard to put BI Solutions and BI Empowerment on the Nigerian Digital Map. He understands the needs of Nigerian Youths and uses several digital channels to reach them. He is fun, vibrant and a hard worker.



Stanley Awelewa


Tosin Adekambi

Tosin and Stanley at one of our Workshops


Ayo Akpewe

Ayo on her laptop 🙂


L-R : Tosin, Ayo and Toks brainstorming





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  1. An interesting read. You guys are so cute and you look like fun.keep up the good work

    • We try our best to have fun :-). Thank you for the compliments. Please keep stopping by our blog and share with your friends.


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