Make That Dream A Reality… Tokunbo Fasoro

Make That Dream A Reality

One very cold morning, in the middle of harmattan when visibility was very poor, I decided to take a walk round my estate.It has been scary walking around for some time since a resident saw a large snake on the road and another saw two of them on his balcony.  However, that morning against all odds I got into my trainers and began to walk; then I got to a road. I could only see the beginning of the road because of the poor visibility and I was afraid to turn into it because it had only a few houses with the other houses still under construction. “Of course, that is a potential snake hide out…” I thought. I also thought of a very big snake somewhere in the middle of the road and I stood there for a while trying to make a decision as to what to do next. Then I decided to take courage and take the first step… then the next one, then I took a third, and I began to see more clearly, the road looked wider and I could move more easily and more confidently with each new step until I got to the end of the road;WOW! I did it…..

When starting a business, a new career, taking up a new role at work or a new challenge, its can be very scary, it’s only normal to look at the obstacles around you, see one thousand and one reasons why you think it cannot work and ask yourself if you can actually do this. But how will you ever know the answer to that question if you actually do not take the first step to start? When you take that step you begin to see more clearly and many times you will realize it wasn’t so bad after all. Sometimes it may be hard, but life has thought me that consistency and the ability to hold on and not give up in what you believe in at the end of the day brings about success.  I don’t know what it is that you have been dreaming about. But what I know is that if your dreams do not make you afraid, then you haven’t started dreaming…. take a step today and make that dream a reality

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  1. Am inspired thank you.


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