LOOK….WHAT DO YOU SEE? – Opeyemi Komolafe

Look....What do you see by Opeyemi KomolafeLook....What do you see by Opeyemi Komolafe

Look….What do you see by Opeyemi Komolafe

Doing back to back interviews have further revealed that most prospective job seekers don’t see beyond getting a steady income. The question ” Where do you see yourself career wise in the next 5-10 years?” is often met with confusion, agitation or or at best  uncertain hesitation. Those who are deemed confident and eloquent enough to respond will reel off a list of contradicting and inversely proportional plans that cause the interviewer’s jaw to drop in amazement. 

I interviewed someone yesterday for a position as an educationist, the fact that all he had was a National Diploma in Estate development was not what puzzled me, the fact that he had no plans of furthering his education (remember he wants to be an educationist!) was not what amazed me, it was the fact that his career plans for the next 5-10 years was plainly ” I want to be employing people to be working as my labour” is what completely knocked my socks off!!!!! 



Everyone on earth has that as a dream. It is the vaguest and most ambiguous plan anyone can have.  The error in grammatical construct and the fact that he came in sagging his jeans is meat for another post.

To break out of where you are you must-

  1. Look into your future.
  2. See something.
  3. Draw up plans towards building competence to become what you see.
  4. Get the education/skills/labor/experience etc required.
  5. Get started.

I heard a motivational speaker; he said “An idea is never fully formed or clear until you start. It gets clearer as you begin to work at it.”

So LOOK…….. even if it is a blurred picture, keep looking. It will get clearer as you move in its direction. What you see is what you can become, but you must first LOOK!!!!

Opeyemi Komolafe

BI Empowerment Team


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