Lessons Learnt from Joseph Samuel Girard: The world’s best sales person- Guinness book of records

Every entrepreneur must be a sales person: You must be able to sell your product at some point, especially in startups. Here are some lessons I put together from joseph’s story and what made him succeed in sales.

  1. Be Confident

He had great confidence in himself and he worked at keeping it. Every morning when he wakes up, he would look at the mirror and say “you are the most terrific, most beautiful guy in the world”.

  1. Believe you are the best

He always wore a gold pin on his lapel proclaiming himself as number 1. As he puts “I am the best, I believe in myself”, he says that if you have to sell anything, “you need to sell yourself, you must have self-respect and you must believe you are number one”.

  1. Make your clients your friend

He says, “Everyone looks at sales men like they are liars and cheats, out to rub them of their money, but I am their friend, I give everyone a button which says ‘I LIKE YOU’.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

He pays attention to the body language of prospects so he knows when to do stuff that will make them relax in the middle of the conversation. Also know when to stop talking.

  1. Sincerity

Girard insists he is not a phony, he says “people stiff out phoniness” and he claims and elaborates “No one who is insincere will ever be a successful sales man”.

  1. Treat them right

“Sixty five percent of my customers are repeats, this is because I treat them the way they want to be treated, I take care of them because if I treat them right, they will bring in more customers”. (To ensure they do, he pays a $2 commission for any referral of a potential car buyer) It has never stopped working he said.

Joe Girard for 12 straight years sold more cars and trucks than any other sales person in the world. No other sales man has ever attained this title for more than one year. During his 15 year selling career, he sold 13,001 cars, all retail, no fleet, wholesale or used cars.

I trust that BIE readers who areaspiring entrepreneurs or building a career in sales will draw inspiration from Joe’s story and adopt these selling tips that will enable them stand out as record breaking sales persons from henceforth. Thank you for reading.





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