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Raising my children has taught me that you should be careful what you mention to a child because you will be quoted verbatim even if you have reconsidered your stance on that subject.

One day, my daughter was ranting on how she hates school and doesn’t understand why she needs to always read while I got to do whatever I liked. I remember saying ” My dear daughter, I have finished studying all the books I want to study in my lifetime, anything after those are optional. You, on the other hand have a long way to go, and I’m not even seeking your opinion. You must have a good education”. My six (6) year old wailed louder and walked away. 

Back to present day: The dynamism and competition in the workplace and business sphere today has driven me back to those books. I envision my daughter laughing at me the moment she realizes that I have no option as well. There are nights that father, mother and children in my home have their noses in one piece of literature or the other. To remain relevant in the world today, continuous learning is not optional, it is mandatory. New methods of doing new things in new areas are discovered everyday. You have to be up to date to remain at the cutting edge of your chosen field.

Friend, except you want to disappear like smoke, you have to learn and keep learning. In order to build anything that will last, you have to learn and keep learning.

In order to have a legacy, you have to learn and keep learning.


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  1. Nice one, to be relevant in our society today you need to constantly reinvent yourself.


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