How I Got An Office Space Through Networking

There is a saying that “Even a lone ranger has a horse”. No man can live in isolation.

When I ventured into entrepreneurship, I was working from home at the time. There was a need to get an office space and I had been praying desperately for one. At that time, I had started an Entrepreneurship Management class at the Pan Atlantic University and you can trust that I ensured I spoke to everyone in class. I would leave my group and go to other groups just to meet people. It was something I really loved doing.
One day, in the middle of my program, I had a brilliant Idea, which today has grown into BI empowerment, but I didn’t know how to go about it then. I decided to have a chat with the Director of the program. As I began to describe my idea to him, he bluntly told me I could not pull the idea through without an office space, and in a polite way told me that our discussion would continue when I get this space. Extremely depressed and demotivated, I began to walk down the staircase confused in a confused haze. Immediately I got downstairs, I needed to talk to someone and the first person I saw took a look at my face and asked “What is wrong”? I told her that I was just asked to get an office space urgently but I had no money. She looked at me briefly, then said she had a free office space in Ikeja GRA for rent. I immediately told her I couldn’t afford it, that was when I got a huge shock. Still looking at me, she said “I will give you for free!”.
That was how I got an office space valued at 1.2 million Naira for free in Ikeja GRA through Net working. I sat down in the car, shocked for about 20 minutes and then began to think about a few people in my class who would just walk into class, not speak to anyone and then walk back out after class, I just thought about the great opportunity I would have missed if I had just avoided building relationships in class.

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