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How Can I Turn My Passion Into A Career


Growing up, I always got into trouble for talking too much. It was easy for me to explain everything in such detail. I was quick to start up a conversation with many visitors that come into our house and as I grew up, I enjoyed talking even more. When I’m with friends, my voice is the loudest and the most excited, most times I would stand up and gesticulate while talking just to drive my point home, it’s almost always like a presentation. The most amazing part of this aspect of my life is that people usually listen to me! One day, I realized I had just found my passion: Talking. Then the problem came. How do I turn my passion into a job or a means of generating income? Which I did and today I get invitations to speak and I have also learned to write out some of my thoughts in exchange for remuneration and making an impact along the way.

Sometimes, you fall head over heels in love with an activity, but remember, it’s more valuable when you are able to create impact and then make money from it. It is important to ask yourself two questions – Who would benefit from this? Who would pay for this? Answers to these questions would get you started.

Here are a few tips.
  1. Be realistic about whether your passion could actually be turned into a career.
  2. Go for further training. For example, I loved talking and knowing people listened to me was not sufficient either for me to turn it into a career or for income generation. I had to go for different trainings. I enrolled in a master public speaking class, where I learned how to be visible as a public speaker, create impact and generate money from it as welll
  3. Remember turning it into a career means turning your passion from a “Love to do” to a “Have to do” especially when it now involves people and their money.
  4. Be alert to who might need your newly emerging passion and aim to have conversations with them to get you clearer on how, where and when you can serve them.
  5. Fear will come but be positive: Fear of failure, fear of financial stability, If you succumb to fear, your passion will remain out of your grasp and you will end up not realizing your full potential in life.
  6. Be Brave: A lot of people are just so afraid to follow their passion and they remain with the status quo. Expand your comfort zone.

The world needs your passion. I hope you have been inspired

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