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Some time ago, I had a chat with a long lost friend who told me about how she has been unable to secure a job and the only jobs around were low income jobs, so she had to settle for a job she “wasn’t proud of”. She told me about her endless search for a job until she finally gave up, consoling herself with the phrase – ‘There are no jobs’. I know at this point, you may be saying ‘oh yes that is true’ but I want you to take a minute to study this.

If you had an organization and wanted to recruit staff, would you entrust your organization into the hands of someone you are not sure of his or her competency? Someone with no experience, whose resume looks laid back?

If there was an opening for a ‘little or no experience’ position and you had two people applying for the job:

  1. One who has no experience at all on the job and shows no capacity to handle the position but is willing to learn…
  2. One who has very little experience but has demonstrated that they can handle that position with examples and illustrations of the things they have done in that capacity even in volunteer positions…

Now! Who would you rather hire?

So many times, we tell our graduates and readers to engage in volunteer jobs and this cannot be over emphasized because you stand to gain a whole lot by doing this.Some are even scared of starting with a low income job. Why don’t you take the low income job to build and groom yourself? I mean… who says you would be earning a low income for the rest of your life. Take whatever it is you find out there, be it a low income or a volunteer job, work as if you were paid a million bucks on that job, go the extra mile to get work done, attend trainings, workshops, seminars etc. to groom yourself and improve yourself at what you do. Afterwards, apply for the big job you want and see if you wouldn’t get the job.

Be aware that the only thing stopping you from getting what you want are the excuses you give yourself. The truth is you might not get exactly what you want at the moment but you can work towards achieving it in the near future.

After all, “those who are faithful and diligent with few things would be put in charge of many things’. Get out of your comfort zone today and look for opportunities to intern or volunteer in that area you love.

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