Highlights from Pitman Training – Tokunbo Fasoro

Wednesday was a great day at Pitman Training Lagos with Mrs. Abimbola Soluade and her team. I was invited to come in and share my story with the participants. I spoke on how I struggled through my childhood and the many obstacles I faced trying to get an education. I told them that the only reason I was able to meander those dark moments was through GHARP.
Lol!… I am sure you are wondering what ‘GHARP’ means.
God Factor- Never ignore the power of prayers, it kept me going.
Hardwork- I kept putting my best into everything I did.
Association- I surrounded myself with people who supported me and helped me grow. Great mentors.
Resilience- I was persistent and determined to succeed so I kept on pushing. Never give up.
Positivity- I had to get rid of negative thoughts and negative people around me.

Some day, I would share my story on this platform… Watchout!!!


Tokunbo Fasoro of Biempowerment & Abimbola Soluade of Pitman Training and her team members.

The participants were also excited to have Opeyemi Omotosho and Titi Olono, who are my friends and classmates from secondary school share from their wealth of experiences as well.

Mrs Tokunbo Fasoro, Opeyemi Omotosho and Titi Olono at the Pitman Training

Mrs Tokunbo Fasoro, Opeyemi Omotosho and Titi Olono at the Pitman Training


Tokunbo Fasoro telling her story to participants at the Pitman training


Mrs Abimbola Soluade of Pitman Training


Participants at the Pitman Training listening and taking notes.

It was a fulfilling experience.
Enjoy viewing other pictures from the training…pitman7 pitman4 pitman2
Tokunbo Fasoro



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  1. I was at the training and I learnt lessons that will remain with me till I die and that is, matter the obstacles I face in life, I must never give up.
    2.God knows my end from the beginning. Thanks Tokunbo for sharing your experience with me.

  2. It was an awesome time in that I was greatly impacted by your never give up attitude. The resilient spirit of trying again and again against all odds is worth noting. Thank you ma for sharing your story.

  3. I was greatly marvelled at the never die spirit of Mrs Tokunbo.Her story was a real life example of “anything is possible to him who believes”. The value you hold and live out will always take you very far even when you don’t think anybody is watching. Thank you Mrs Tokunbo Fasoro. Please don’t stop sharing. God bless you.

  4. Thank you very much for inspiring us with your story and I learnt that no matter the challenges one can still come over it. The GOD FACTOR is something we forget… it is very important. HARDWORK is what we have to embark on no matter how hard the challenges might be one have to keep working hard. Finally Association we have to move with the right kind and set of people to move to the next level Thank God I share the same name with the person that inspired you OPE. Thanks for the time you spent with us. It has really changed me in a special way. Thank you very much…….
    Lovely Pictures


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