Most times we get excited about the thoughts of taking up a new job and when called to start. But often times as we get more acquainted with the job, that excitement we once felt begins to fade off. Making it to work on time becomes a struggle, productivity level becomes low, that spark isn’t just there anymore. A friend of mine once found herself in such a scenario. She got a job in a great company, nice pay and the future looked so bright for her, but few weeks into the job, she found out she wasn’t so excited about working anymore. She was becoming miserable and it began to affect her productivity at work. So what are those things to put in check to avoid being in such siutation?

 1 ) THE JOB MUST BE IN LINE WITH YOUR PASSION: A lot of people are guilty of this. They make the mistake of taking up on a new job just for the pay ,not putting into consideration if they will truly find fulfilment in doing the job. Before taking up on a job, ask yourself if you truly want this. Your sincere response to this might just be the first step to understanding your work environment and also having fun while working. 

 2) LEARN HOW TO RELATE WITH CO WORKERS: There’s a popular saying which is “no man is an island” Your co workers should be your work family. Your relationship with them can either make your work environment very conducive or unbearable for you.    So I have this colleague at work called Eby. We get along so well, share ideas with each other and help each other when its needed. We just have this cool connection that makes work fun and more easier. That’s what having a good relationship with co workers does, it makes the work place more fun. 

3) BE FLEXIBLE: You are not a tree! Be ready to adapt to changes and different situations. You must be willing and open minded to different things and other people’s opinion and perspective. Having in mind that the common goal is to maximize productivity and also grow. Understand that you have to be open to changes. 

 4) STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE: Understanding that your employer expects the best and nothing less from you. Your works and services should speak quality. No boss will settle for a poorly done work from an employee. So you must be ready to put in passion and hardwork to the things you do.   Understanding all of these and putting them to work will help you become a good employee and excel at your job.

     Switching from one job to another is no fun. Now you have that dream job, get to know and understand your work environment and you will see yourself falling in love with your job over again


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