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One day, our team had to travel to Abuja for a meeting and we booked our ticket to arrive in Abuja for the meeting on time. Unfortunately, when we got to the airport, the flight had been moved. We were very upset about it, infact extremely upset because we were going to arrive late for the meeting.

We shouted! We grumbled! We complained! We were so angry. We were practically looking for a face to punch but could not find a scape goat.

We did that for a couple of hours until we realized that our shouting,grumbling, complaining and all our rants would not change the fact that we would still have to wait till the rescheduled flight time.

At that point, we decided to have fun with it. We went into a restaurant,ordered food and began to chat; catching up on the old days. We were having so much fun; we did not realize that they had called our flight; they had even made the final boarding call. At some point, I decided to just go out and see what was happening. It was at that point, that I realized we were about to miss the flight. We then began to run towards the boarding gate, it was a very funny sight!

I just thought to share with us that while you are probably being delayed, in an uncomfortable or uncontrollable situation where you have to wait for hours, try to make the most of it by meditating, reading a book or doing some networking. Just make sure you have fun while at it, and at the end of the day, you would see that your time wasn’t wasted after all!

Tokunbo Fasoro

BiEmpowerment Team


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  1. Wow, Am so Happy& glad to met pastor Toks. Its cool to be part of all this lovely people here, l like every bit of biempowerment post. Its so interesting, insprising and informative. More grace one love! Keep doing the good work and God bless your company abundantly ma. Cheers!!!


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