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Today, presentation is required in every field, every person or professional will at some point be called to speak publicly or do a presentation, it could be in an interview, workplace or a speech after collecting an award.
When you listen to successful speakers you wonder “how do they do it?” the answer is hard work!‎ I remember my first speech was a very difficult one , I had goose pimples, my legs where shaking and I got distracted at every side talk, infact I practically shouted please stop distracting me. It was  a very horrible experience.
But then I realized it was something I had to do often, I had to work hard at it .Here are some tips or habits of a successful speaker.
1. Have a clear goal for your speech
Begin with the end in mind, have a clear goal of what you want your audience to know feel or do immediately after the presentation. Ensure you summarize your goal in a very declarative sentence in concluding.
2. It’s all about your audience
Avoid too much ‘me’ in your introduction, remember the information is to serve them not you.
3.Practice makes perfect
You start preparing as soon as you know you are speaking, brainstorm your points and probably practice in front of a mirror, out loud in the car, and ensure you always visualize your speech.
4. Find Stories
You can use story telling as a powerful opener. Audiences love stories, stories engage an audience and help them relate the content to their own life. Remember best stories come from an ordinary experience.
5.Involve your audience
Audiences like to feel involved, ask them questions that make them think. Use stories that relate to their world.
6.Be early
Showing up early helps you discover or solve a problem on time so you don’t get into a confused state when things don’t work as planned. It’s also an opportunity to engage with your audience also to check the emotional vibe of the room and how to respond to it.
7. Respect the time allotted to you
Avoid going overtime, it’s disrespectful to your audience, aim to end early so you have time for questions and still end on time.
There is no shortcut to success, successful speaking is hard work. Go out there and nail that speech.

Tokunbo Fasoro
BiEmpowerment Team


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