Growth Is Never Enough – Stanley Awelewa

Growth, either personal, career or organizational is usually never enough. For growth to be sustainable, it must keep evolving and must always be a product of strategy, collaboration, innovation and disruption.
This approach to growth might involve setting a time frame, understanding the limitations and working around them, utmost dedication and creating a working and sustainable partnership.
Growth sometimes is a painful experience, because it involves leaving a whole lot behind and evolving into the next phase of life or career. It always involves innovation and a whole lot of hacking (trimming off old appendages). Growth is done in stages. Stages of innovative growth are:
Growth to protect
Growth to transform
Growth to sustain
Growth to improve on the sustained transformation
No matter the stage of growth you are, whether in your personal life or in your career, you have to keep evolving and never stop so as to ensure that your growth is sustained and relevant.
For organizational growth, the organization must first define what growth means to them. For organizations to experience the growth they are looking for, they need to act decisively, work together towards one common goal and ensure that somebody takes the lead.
However, growth is usually a risk, even when it is utterly necessary. At the centre of any growth culture, there should be clear concise thinking, understanding and support.
For personal growth, it is essential to know that it is a continuous process; we must always seek to be first, be the best and be different as individuals to be relevant in our personal lives and careers. We as individuals must always place a premium on excellence both in our personal lives and our career service delivery. It is important to always stand out in whatever role we are called upon to play in our journey through life.
As my boss Mrs. Tokunbo Fasoro would say, “If you can think it, you can do it” Keep on growing and making a difference for now and the generation unborn. Your growth can empower a whole lot of people to
believe in the beauty of their dreams. All your dreams are valid if you can grow up and effectively pursue them. So……….. keep on growing!!!

Stanley Awelewa


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