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Being a great leader is not something that happens over night, you need to work hard at developing that skill.  It is achieved through discipline, hard work and commitment to continuous improvement through experience. So kindly follow, enjoy and share with your friends.

Great leaders are not born, they are made. Here are a few rules or habits that can help you develop your leadership skills.

  1. They think of others first- It is not about you, but about the other person. Great leadership is always about “How can I serve this person or these people?”
  2. They crave for new things- The desire to learn more, the hunger for wisdom; they are open to feedback, new ideas, different opinions and views.
  3. They take responsibility- They take responsibility for their actions; they don’t push blame on other people.
  4. They listen to their team- Great leaders always listen to their team. Who knows you could learn something from a fool! Besides this will make your team members feel relevant and in turn confide in you.
  5. Be an example- Be the type of person you want your team members to become.
  6. Be consistent and make firm decisions- Don’t leave things undecided for a long time and don’t waver after taking a decision. If it turns out to be the wrong one, “Bite the bullet”. Accept responsibility, learn from your mistake and move on. Once you have made a decision, be consistent so that you can gain the respect and trust of your team.

BIE readers, kindly follow these rules, trust your instincts and continually strive for self-improvement.  Eventually, through your experience and effort you will be the type of leader most people aspire to be.

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