How Does A Good Service Look Like (Sponsored)

Every business that is oriented on providing services requires a certain level of quality. A good customer service will bring you many more customers, on the contrary to the bad customer service, which can scare your existing and potential customers away. Learn what features of a good customer service are today. Whether you are a service provider or a service user – be sure to meet the highest quality services on Jiji.

Don’t make your customers 1b

Patience is a virtue – but it doesn’t regard to your customers at all. As quicker you are able to provide your customers with the services required, the better reputation you will get. You see, time is the most valuable asset for any human, and every good businessman understands it. So the less time your precious customers wait for their order, the more often you’ll see them as visitors of your restaurant.

Provide with transparent 1c

This rule regards the online trading mostly, as the e-commerce has become especially popular nowadays. Remember that it is important for the customers to see what they pay for. It is important for the customers to be able easily access the information about delivery time frames and returns. It is also important for them to understand when and how the discounts can be applied.

 Help your customers help 1d

There are lots of services available nowadays and one of them is shopping online. It is a common mistake of all online-shopping service providers to think that if the customer has chosen to shop on his/her own, they must be sitting for hours at the laptop surfing through numerous items available for purchase. No, it is not right. Even if the person decided to find something on the Internet on his/her own, they still need some kind of support in terms of search convenience and any kind of tip what choice would be the perfect  one for them. For this, Jiji has developed a very comfortable search engine where its users can easily find an item they are looking for in the special categories. Besides, there are numerous hot deals provided on the first page where one can get really good electronic devices or a nice almost new used car at the lowest price.

Build trust for your customers to come back 1e

This is the final piece of the puzzle, but is the most important one. Trust is the most time-consuming and the hardest thing to get. If you can give the customers exactly what they are looking for, moreover, to give it in the shortest period of time and in the highest quality – then be sure they will come to you again. Besides, there is such thing as a “word of mouth” that will surely add some dozens of new customers to your list.




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  1. True Talk. This has worked for me in business. Great work jiji

  2. This is awesome. I believe that for good business Survival, all businesses must be customers inclined with good and efficient service delivery. Good job.

  3. Interesting read!! Think i will have a look at jiji then….

  4. Very good read, precise and straight to the point.
    E-commerce is the future and the future is now

  5. very true. confam *thumbs up*

  6. True story!service providers often overlook the importance of trust in a business, I’m glad jiji has been able to highlight that importance. good one


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