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I am someone who is particularly passionate about people following their passion and I decided to write on this topic. I’m hoping that by the time we are done with this series; young people will go out to take what I call the B-square step (Bold and Brave step). Be Inspired.

  1. Is there something you already love doing? Do you have a hobby- it could be something you loved doing as a child but never considered it as a possibility? Click here (story of how TemiSiyanbade found her passion) It’s great if you already have something you love to do. Now, just research the possibilities of making money from it.
  2. Do some research on it: Buy books about it, Google it; look for every material possible you can get your hands on. TV programmes on that particular thing can give you some clarity. I remember one day,I was watching a show regarding something on my mind and I got clarity immediately. Ask questions frompeople; gather as much information as you can.
  3. Put your Ideas on Paper, write down anything that comes into your mind.Look for all the materials you can possibly get your hands on and activities that can inspire you. There are no bad ideas at this stage, write down everything and evaluate them later.
  4. Do your passion as a side job if you can accommodate it. Don’t quit your job just yet, ensure that you have savings or income that can sustain you for at least a year or two before you take that bold brave step.
  5. Practice and Training all the time: If you have to make money, make it professional, practice and keep practicing until you are perfect. Go for trainings if you need to – for expertise in that area. If possible, intern or volunteer just to learn the professional skills and how to turn the passion into a business.
  6. Look for mentors in that profession: Quiz them, ask questions like what are the challenges of the business, what skills are necessary,how much they make,how did they start up and what recommendations can they give to you?

It is important to note that there may be more than one passion in your life time, so to explore all the possibilities, don’t give up, keep trying, try again until you succeed.

I hope you have been inspired, please share with your friends and drop a comment. Feel free to email me on or if you want to talk about your passion. Thank you for your time.


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