Finding Your Passion and Purpose in Life

Written By Pelagie Egbane

Up until my university days in O.A.U,Ile-Ife, I never really gave any serious thought to what I really had passion for or what my purpose in life was…… For years I heard people say where your passion is, lies your million dollar. I heard so much about it, that I desired so much to know why God created me and what I naturally had passion for.(so I can start making my millions too)… The more I searched, the more it eluded me. I had people around me doing things, going into different businesses and I kept asking questions “ how did you know this is what you are meant to do?  They gave me answers, but it never really seem to satisfy my quest then. I started getting so hard on myself, I was so disappointed that as simple as it seems, I just could not place my hand on that ‘thing’ that I love to do that will yield millions of dollars for me… It cant be so difficult , can it?

Of course growing up, I have had dreams of becoming so many things, from being a writer, to being a TV Presenter and then a Counsellor of some sort…The shocker? I am not in any of these fields today.(My parents helped in killing that dream as much as I did too. Their excuse?, it is not a money spinner). In fact, the Industry where I find myself at the moment was the least I ever thought I will be…..Banking!! But  am I enjoying it? Oh yes I am! I was in Customer Service for some years and then I was moved to Marketing…. I hated it at the time but over the years I found out, to be happy and successful in life, you must be diligent where ever you find yourself and above all be happy where you are. There, you begin to find your purpose and passion gradually.(For those like me who could not place a hand on it at an early stage of their life or who did but due to the peculiarities of our society were discouraged from pursuing it).

While you are at it, the following steps might help.

  1.        Read books that will open up your mind and thinking.
  2.        Associate with friends that will inspire you and build you up. Ask them questions and learn from their                  wealth of knowledge.
  3.        Develop yourself in the field you think you have interest in even if you are not sure. No knowledge is lost.
  4.        Attend training and conferences and while you are there make sure you network. You can never tell, where          you will might meet that person who will lead you to your goldmine (Your purpose in life)
  5.       While at it, please enjoy it. Be diligent and happy where you find yourself, even if it does not look like where       you should be. God rewards the diligent person.
  6.       Above all, your eyes should not be fixed on the “money”. My parents and I were so fixated on the                            field/passion that will be the money spinner and that was where we missed it… Yes, it will bring money in           the long run but that should not be your primary focus.


I wish you all the best as you make life changing decisions.

Pelagie Egbane



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