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Find Your Habitat

How do you feel waking up every day to go to a job that you don’t like, a job that makes you sick, a job that you wish something should go wrong and somehow they ask you all not to resume that day, it gets so bad that it affects your entire psyche and your mood. You begin to look so dull and gloomy, you start having sleepless night because you know the next day you will have to go this ‘JOB‘ that you don’t like. Within you, your soul is crying for help because it wants fulfillment.

Your days are being managed and run by an organization you have no love for. You are simply there just because you want to make ends meet and simply surviving, just getting by and spending as you are earning in a subsistence way.

But there comes a time when the ends meet won’t matter anymore but your quest for a well-deserved life and fulfillment will overtake that. You will become blind and deaf to whatever the job is offering to pursue that which gives your life. But sadly most people never get to this stage, because they are afraid of the unknown and so they remain. Wishing for a better life but not willing to pay the price for the better life. Many things we do as individuals are less than what we are capable of, our potentials are infinite but we make ourselves become bounded by wrong beliefs, poor thinking and negative influences.

Live Free

Live your life to the fullest. Doing a job that helps you get by is not worthy, you’ve gotten by with this job for many years now and yet you are not anywhere near your potential or how you feel you should be. Then perhaps you should search for something else. Don’t lose valuable time to a course that is not yours, you will always be frustrated in place that is not yours and where you can’t operate as your natural habitat. A whale cannot excel on land or even in a river, it’s meant to be in the ocean and so an eagle can’t do well in a zoo but the entire sky. Find your sky, find your ocean and be fulfilled.


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