Extra Qualities Which Make You An Outstanding Employee Part 2- Tokunbo Fasoro

Yesterday, we talked about some qualities which make you an outstanding employee, you can find the link here if you missed out on the part 1.

Here are some more qualities.

  1. Paying attention to detail: Avoid little things that can ruin all your hardwork. I rememberonce, we had a presentation in a school to ‘inspire the students to success’.We packed everything we needed except making arrangements in case of a power outage. Unfortunately for us, there was apower failure and we had to do the presentation without power.Can you imagine how we must have appeared? That was a big lesson for us in the company. You can guess that we always factor back up power sources into all our planning now!
  2. Communicate Effectively: Always think before speaking. You want to leave your listener with the idea that you can articulate your thoughts and your presentation well. Be a good listener too, pay attention, it’s embarrassing to refer questions till a later date.
    Zika Nwaise & Tokunbo Fasoro of

    Zika Nwaise & Tokunbo Fasoro of

  3. Confidence: Confidence produces results and encourages employees to take on challenges that others shy away from. Outstanding employees are highly confident in their abilities to perform, and this opens the door for more opportunities for them.
  4. Marketability: Employers like employees that are presentableand are good ambassadors of the company; they can represent the company in meetings, especially high profile one You should dress well, be well comported, and generally be presentable to clients.

We hope this will help someone in his/her career.Thank you for your time, and stay connected to BI Empowerment.



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