What If You Don’t Fail? – Zika Nwaise

So many times, I hear people say, ‘What if it doesn’t work?’, ‘What if I don’t get it right?’ or ‘What if it doesn’t come out right?’. But they hardly say, ‘What if it does work?’ or ‘What if it becomes the best?’. How would we know if we do not try.

I was once in a state of dilemma about either taking a risk and going into a particular business or just keeping my money in a fixed deposit account and watch it grow gradually. After so much conflicting opinions from friends and family, a dear friend told me I had two options; either go after what I wanted or remain where I was, and that of these two options, only one could guarantee a different result. And then it struck me, I had never taken the risk of starting up anything but had always admired my friends whose businesses were blooming, so I decided to take a risk.

Now what I’m trying to say is, let us not allow any pessimistic thought stop us from achieving our dreams, let’s make an effort to try the ‘other’ option, that is, do things a different way in order to get a better result

I mean, if we do not try, how would we know if it wouldn’t work?

Wish you all a happy 2017


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