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“People often ask me what advice I would give someone who wants to start their own company. My answer is that Every good company I can think of started with someone caring about changing something, not someone deciding to start a company. Instead of trying to build a company, focus on the change you want to see in the world, and keep pushing forward.” – Mark Zuckerberg
Imagine Mark Zuckerberg walking into your office on a hot and sunny afternoon with his trademark Tee-Shirt! That sounds like a fairy tale right? But it is not. It happened in Lagos, Nigeria, as Mark, oh so casually strolled into the Yaba office of Co-Creation hub (CCHUB) and ANDELA respectively.
What differentiates these two start-ups? And why was Mark interested? You may ask. They are basically solution based Tech start-ups with the sole aim of adding value to organizations and individuals.
While CCHUB is a co-creation hub that allows ideas to thrive by incubating and accelerating several start-ups in their hub, and also ensuring that their basic needs are met for enhanced productivity.
ANDELA is a start-up basically aimed at training the next generation of IT personnel and geeks in Africa from their campus for several blue chip companies.
What solutions are you providing? Are you just working hard without understanding that people pay for solutions you create so that they can connect with your unique culture and proposition?
By solving fundamental problems such as the basic needs of man with new innovations, you stand a chance of adding value and thereby creating a lasting and enduring legacy. Companies and businesses that stand out are not only motivated by profit, but their business plans are usually tied to providing solutions as well as adding value. That is what produces success.
Ask yourself, “Am I in business just to make profit or to create value added solutions?”
The choice is yours to make!!!

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