“Course Of Study Or Passion?” – Tokunbo Fasoro

I kept watching the photographer during a photo-shoot and all I could see was passion. Ironically, he came into our office quite ill. He said he had a headache and his body ached but during the shoot it seemed like an untruth. It looked to me that he was not even conscious of how he felt and he just kept going; climbing stools, kneeling and lying down to shoot. All I could see was a guy that is extremely passionate about what he does. I then asked him a question? “You seem to be very happy with what you do” and he said to me, “I enjoy every moment of it”
He went on to tell me that he studied Microbiology and graduated with a second class upper, but unfortunately, Microbiology is not his thing. “I am a very creative person who gets pleasure from designing stuff” he said. That was how he knew he needed to do something else. He discovered photography and the shooting of videos. He fell in love with it and started attending functions – shooting for free. Here he is today, a successful entrepreneur!
Now the question is:
“Are you passionate about what you are doing now?
Must you pursue a career because that is what you studied?
Are you having so much fun with what you do that you can do it for free?
Are you enjoying what you do so much that it does not feel like work?”
Do what you enjoy doing and you do not have to work a day in your life.
I hope you have been inspired by ‘Solar Media’s story. Watch out, he is going to be featured as our Entrepreneur of the week.
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Tokunbo Fasoro


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