CHANGE: A COMMON ENEMY – Stanley Awelewa

In our journey through life, we always aspire for greatness but we are often faced with several challenges. At one point or the other, you may come across people who appear to want to sabotage your growth. Why? It is simple, not because they are bad or evil, but because they are afraid of change. They are afraid because your change will force them to change, and they feel they either can’t change or don’t want to change. They will try to hold you back (sometimes unconsciously) in an attempt to keep everything familiar.
In their minds, they are trying to protect you, but are they? No, they are not. They are only really looking out for themselves. You must realize that for effective change and growth, nothing stays the same. To do a new thing, you must empower yourself, grow and evolve. You must grow into a different (and hopefully better) version of yourself. For you to see those beautiful wings in the sky, the caterpillar must change (a complete metamorphosis) into the butterfly. Of course when it flies, it leaves the tree which has housed and nurtured its cocoon behind. In the same way, when we evolve into that better version of ourselves, we leave some things, some people and some habits behind.
On your journey, do what you can to inspire those around you to move upward and forward. Encourage those around you to pursue their goals, support them. Help them as best as you can. But, if they choose not to join you, it is okay. You both have choices to make. Make the choice for your life because all your decisions are up to you alone. It is either you ‘stay down’ trying to make the naysayers happy or you move up. But always remember that you are an eagle and you can’t soar to new heights sitting in the NEST. Cut the cord and fly. You might just turn out to be the example they need to help them ‘wake up and shape up’.

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