GET READY – Opeyemi Komolafe

Get Ready

GET READY!!!! A very popular saying is “When opportunity meets preparation, success is inevitable.” That saying is so true!! You complain about how you can’t get a break to show your skills or an opportunity to show a prospective employer/investor how invaluable you or your idea is, yet, when you get that chance, the amazing break you envision disappears like smoke in the wind. Why did that happen? I have a possible explanation ……….. It could be that when that opportunity came, you were required to display a certain skill, showcase knowledge in a certain area, possess a competence etc which you lacked, consequently you appeared not to be quite ready to handle that responsibility. Dear readers, even the most successful individual still has a little project he/she is working on which needs some level of approval. While waiting for that big opportunity, why not invest in yourself? Spend time acquiring different skills, reading about new things, doing short courses etc, basically investing in yourself, so that when that opportunity presents itself, it will find you competent, knowledgeable and well aware of how to move from point A through to point Z. Believe me, if you are feeling your way, unsure and faltering, your investors will find out and a competent recruitment team can tell. No one will trust his business to someone who comes across as unprepared or not competent to handle the responsibilities of the new position/business. Learning point for today…….. while waiting, get ready so that when your big opportunity comes it will meet you ready to run. Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 85

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How Do You Deal With A Toxic Co-Worker

Toxic Co-Workers

Let’s start with reality. We all are going to have to deal with toxic co-workers from time to time in our career. I can’t say I was 100% successful with any of these strategies, but here is a step by step way to deal with a toxic co-worker: Befriend your toxic co-worker. In other words, as painful as it may be, try and build a relationship of trust with your toxic co-worker. Sometimes people act out because they are alone. Having a friend makes anyone feel better. If this doesn’t work then I recommend… Talking to your toxic co-worker about the problem. This is not easy to do, but factually, without emotion, explain to your toxic co-worker the issues you are having. Two key things here: Don’t gang up on your toxic co-worker. This needs to be a one on one conversation. You will screw it up, and you will be at fault, if you bring more people into the mix. Don’t expect your toxic co-worker to agree with your assessment of the situation. He/She is likely to disagree with you. Stay calm and don’t argue back. Sometimes a little time may do the trick. If none of the above ...

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Self-Leadership: The Secret to Success

Give Back Conference Tokunbo Fasoror

Self-Leadership Over the weekend, I was in Abuja and I listened to a talk on self-leadership. Honestly, before he started, I was already wondering what self-leadership meant. It was such an inspiring talk and I thought to share a few of the tips I learned with you all. Do you know how successful you would be if you take out time every day to think about how and what decisions you make. How decisions you make about yourself affects you and how it affects others. Leadership starts with you. Here are a few tips that can help you with self-leadership. THE NEED TO CONDUCT A SELF-DISCOVERY ON YOURSELF: You need to take time out to discover who you are, your likes, how you spend your day and your time. All this will help you plan on how you can leverage on your strengths to your own benefit and others. DO A SELF-APPRAISAL DAILY: This is very important because it gives you a clear perspective on how you have spent your day. Have you wasted time all day, probably watching only home videos? How many lives have you touched or inspired today? Or did you spend the whole day gossiping? If ...

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Keys To Effective Communication-Zika Nwaise

Zika Nwaise

How do I say what I want to say? Many times, while preparing to facilitate a training session or attend a meeting, I sit back, analyze the audience and try to understand them not because I do not know how to talk or communicate with people but because I want to ensure that I communicate effectively. It is important to understand that you cannot address everyone the same way, what you say to Mr. Black might be offensive to Mr. White and vice versa. I have put down some tips that can help you communicate effectively with people. I hope you find this helpful. Understand who you are communicating with: Be clear on your audience’s status (i.e. Age, relationship etc.), personality… Professionalism: Be professional when communicating with your superior irrespective of the person’s personality. It helps in putting your attitude in check Improve your nonverbal communication skills: Be mindful of your body language and facial expressions, communication is not just what you say but how you say it. Be honest: It gives credibility to any information you pass across. Be flexible: Emotional intelligence is key; not knowing what to say at the right time can be a barrier to communicating ...

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Most Startups often Crash and Burn – TechByGerald

start up

I started out this blog post knowing absolutely nothing about what I was going to talk about (cause like I said  earlier on, I’m still very new to this), but then it hit me; the outrageous number of tech startups springing up these days, one would only wonder if its because it’s the “in thing” now or because they actually want to solve genuine problems, and it often looks like they “crash and burn” almost as fast as they are conceived. Most Startups often crash and burn as fast as they are conceived WHY NEW BUSINESSES FAIL A deep look into what’s responsible for this while communicating with various tech startup founders over time has revealed that; most founders are often distracted and only interested in creating “an app” or an “online platform” to do “so so so” forgetting the structure and tons of background work and research required to build a business (because tech startup or not, its actually a business), and just like every other business, there has to be structures in place, a very good delivery channel, a good business model, identification and marketing strategy etc. The app or online platform is only basically a leverage in my ...

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Road To Success: Law Of The Scoreboard

Law of the Scoreboard - David Williams

Article by David Williams Instagram @dwilliams47 How often do you get a work report or Life Report? I mean those kinds of reports that will rattle the foundation of your existence. I got one few days back. The funny thing was, I knew it was coming but because of self denial and most times laziness I didn’t do anything about it. It felt like a strong wind brushed my face when my boss landed a big one on me, she said “Williams, let me tell you something I have noticed about you. You are willing but the body is weak”. That’s all she needed to say, my mind played out the rest; my inner alarm went off and within a few seconds, It felt like I was going into a subatomic state and my whole life was flashing in front of me. Each word in that sentence landed on me like I was in the ring with Anthony Joshua  of course you know who wins in that context. My inner peace was disturbed; I could feel sweat dripping down my forehead even though the Air Conditioner has been on all day. The Air conditioner couldn’t hide my sweat and that ...

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If Only All Successful Founders Will Be Like Michael Seibel

Gerald Okonkwo

I woke last week wednesday feeling more loved than ever; with the numerous amount of messages and emails I received, at this point it struck me; it was the “Valentine’s Day Celebration. As curious as I’m always to see Nigerian’s reactions during festivities, I logged on to my twitter account (@geraldokonkwo_ looking forward to meeting you on twitter 😆) to see what’s going on with ‘Twitter Nigeria’ and I stumbled upon this mind blowing tweet (look below) from Michael Seibel (founder of Ycombinator); Here’s a tweet from Michael’s Seibel founder; of YCombinator What struck me more was the part where he said “helping each other is a core value in the tech Startup world”. For some reason I was really excited that our ‘egbons’ (meaning elders in Yoruba language) in the Tech Industry are really excited about helping younger startup founders succeed, but my excitement was shortly met with a sad realization & reminder that Michael Siebel is in the United States and could be referring to helping startups there (don’t correct me it’s just an assumption). My mind Immediately went to our very own “successful” (cause over here we count raising funds as success) founders in Nigeria; I remember personally reaching ...

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Worry More About Your Name – Jimi Tewe

jimi Tewe

Don’t get me wrong… I have nothing against wearing nice things that are branded. In fact, I do look forward to wearing some brand items soon.. However… When you spend a lot to wear certain brand names and do not spend as much on building your name into a brand, it will backfire on you sometime in the future. The owners of the brands you are wearing invested in those names over years and today, they are reaping the benefits of their investments. Be honest with yourself, the way you are living your life, who will wear your name, or use your name or eat your brand name in the future? Nothing good just happens. God is big on brand names. In fact, He told Abraham in Genesis 12:3 that He would make His name a Global Brand. This is over 3000 years later and the name Abraham still rings a bell. This is the simple equation that should help you- Spend more of your resources on what builds you than what you spend on wearing other people’s brands. You see, when you become a brand, even if you wear low priced products, people will assume it is high priced ...

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Who Are You? Steps To Self Discovery – Tokunbo Fasoro

Steps to personal discovery

Have you ever taken a few minutes to assess yourself! – Who am I? What do I want in life? What makes me happy? This is the first step to discovering how successful and fulfilling your future will be. Self discovery is a gradual process, it takes time and consistence. Here are a few things that can prevent you from discovering yourself: Fear of who you really are: Remember no one is perfect, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Decide to work on your weaknesses while leveraging on your strengths. Lack of self-love:  For some people while growing up, people around you or circumstances around you could have made you hate yourself, I hear some parents use horrible words on their children or compare children. This may have led you to developing a low self-esteem. That is not who you are- never forget that. The onus is on you to define who you are. Not allowing yourself to dream or be creative: Most times while growing up, we hear stuff like medical doctors earn more and all you are thinking about is how to be a doctor. Sometimes we are influenced by our parents to study a certain course rather than ...

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Awesome being back! so as promised in my previous post folks, I’ll be sharing how I started; an AWESOME ADVENTURE (FYI if you haven’t read my previous blog post, quit reading this right now and read the previous one first). Trust me just as Obama suggests, you want to hear (read) this ☺ HOW I STARTED I arrived back in Lagos on the 2nd of July 2015, after having lived in Delta State for  9 years (dad was transferred  in 2012 and we had to relocate, bla bla bla); thankfully an older friend who runs one of the best building services / engineering consulting firms here in Lagos had agreed to let me intern (+ youth service) at his company, my intention then was to gain some more knowledge to help me run Wefix more efficiently. After working for close to a year and being repeatedly frustrated by workmen and artisans who wouldn’t be on our designated sites “on time” or diligently handle tasks given to them, plus it was extremely difficult to find a replacement right on the spot, Voila! I had identified a problem which’s solution eventually became, So I decided to face this head on; I quit my ...

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