Transit from Paid Employment to Entrepreneurship?

Are You Ready to Transit from Paid Employment to Entrepreneurship?

In recent times, I’ve had to share how I plan my finances with friends and they are usually intrigued like seriously!!! I particularly remember the look on @tokunbofasoro a few weeks ago when I told her my journey through my finances and how effective planning has helped me to not just support my family but also help me build a business out of my passion. Last year, I saved about 52% of my income monthly asides insurance for children’s higher institution and other miscellaneous saving. I was coaching a client last year who wanted to quit 8-5pm but had to provide guidance on how to make the exit smoother on her and the family. @iamtoyinakinlade once gave an advice to intending entrepreneurs, who are currently employees, to make adequate financial plans for their exit. This is so valid. People have left their jobs for ENTREPRENEURSHIP and what they got was ENTREPENURSHIP. This year, as you set goals to start the business of your passion, come and learn the following: Few tips to put your dreams to test. How to juggle your job with your passion before you quit Planing your finances to support that goal Getting ready financially before you ...

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Tokunbo Fasoro Mentorship program.


Stand out amongst your mates by enrolling in the Tokunbo Fasoro Mentorship program. This programme will help you get a job you love, perform better and help fulfill your career potential! Designed by qualified professionals who know exactly what employers are looking for. They have experience in recruitment, industry dynamics, performance management, working with high performing teams and coaching graduates across a variety of industries. Benefits It helps you • Develop confidence and a deep insight into who you are. • Prepare you for the world beyond studies. • Explore your skills and strengths then match you with potential career choices. • Research the type of organization and role you see your self in within the next five years and how to get there. • Draw up a clear plan that will make you track your progress towards your ambition and your career goals. • Articulate the value you can add to your future employer. • Build your 5 year career plan. Course design: Online, you can learn from anywhere in the world, simply with a computer, a tablet or a mobile device. Click here to sign up for Tokunbo Fasoro Youth Mentoring Program. Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 129

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LOOKING FOR A JOB? There are basic skills employers look for.

10 skills employers want

Soft skills employers want. It is obvious that we do not learn many of the skills employers want in school. Some people who were smart enough to have done holiday jobs would have had the opportunity to acquire some of these skills, but then, how do the ones who didn’t get such an opportunity manage when they find themselves aiming for the same jobs as those people who seem to be at an advantage? Many times employers test for these skills during interviews, unknown to the candidate. I have had experiences with many Job seekers who have been attending interviews for a long time but haven’t been able to secure any job. For many I discovered they had issues with communication;these candidates have really poor CV writing and verbal communication skills and these are actually two major skills employers look out for. Here are a few skills that every job seeker must develop: Excellent communication skill is very important. Skilled communicators get along with colleagues. They listen and understand instructions and they pass their thoughts and suggestions across without being aggressive. Time management: This is about prioritizing the most important tasks and dealing with actions that will produce the maximum ...

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10 Tips To Make You a Successful Entrepreneur

10 Tips To Make You a Successful Entrepreneur Achieving your goals in life is not easy, it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. I  watched a video recently on titled ‘15 things poor people do that rich people don’t’ and I could completely relate with them. You will be amazed at how little or maybe not important some of these things seem, but I realized that little things actually count.  Here, I have coined out 10 tips I learned from viewing the video so as  to inspire young  entrepreneurs. Tips Avoid watching too much TV: Time is valuable, spend it on things that matter. Spending about six hours in a day watching TV is a waste of a quarter of the whole day already and that’s without taking your sleep hours into account. This brings us to the next point. Avoid waking up late: Waking up early helps your mind believe that there are important things to be done, don’t waste valuable hours in sleep. Most successful people such as Bill Gates wake up early. Try to have enough, but never too much sleep. Remember time is the currency of the 21st century. Never  blame others for ...

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PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT I met a woman at a salon and we got chatting. She was way older than I was, but we just connected and we began to converse. She is  a  senior manager in one of the  most prestigious Oil and Gas company in Nigeria.  We discussed on how she was always picked by her organization to represent the organization all over the world, attending and delivering speeches in high profile meetings. I asked her how she started out, and I wasn’t surprised when she mentioned PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. When she told me how much she had invested in personal development, training, workshops and career development courses. She said anytime she was out of the country on holidays, she would look for a training to attend and over the years. She had acquired a lot of knowledge, skill and exposure that her organization had leveraged on, till date.   TIPS ON WHY PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IS KEY Opportunity waits for no one: Opportunity meets preparation. If opportunity comes and you are not ready, it moves to the next person, so invest as much as you can in yourself.   Always try to improve on a skill or learn something new: A ...

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Opportunity Meets Preparation-Tokunbo Fasoro

Tokunbo Fasoro

OPPORTUNITY MEETS PREPARATION I was in the states and I was chatting with a young man who had just lost a big opportunity. Immediately after high school, he got a job. He was lucky to have gotten that job, because for a high school graduate, it was a very good one. For nine years, he worked diligently, and had gotten himself a decent house, car and a comfortable life. He looked forward to the day he would be promoted to finally head the department where he worked. Unfortunately, a new policy was sent out stating that only college graduates were eligible to apply for that position. He did not have a degree, and as a result, he lost out. He learned a very big lesson that day, that “opportunity waits for no one.” After this incidence, he enrolled for a four-year college degree and was ready to work hard and earn the qualifications that would take him to the next level. If he had done this earlier, he would have been saved time, and gained a promotion. Preparation is key. In life, you need to be ready always, because you never know when or in what manner an opportunity could ...

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Ways To Stay Motivated When Searching For A Job

The job search can be frustrating and draining, but here’s how to keep your spirits up and boost your chances of getting hired. The ability to get — and stay — motivated during a job hunt is one of the most critical skills for anyone looking for work. This is especially true today, when it takes considerably more time and energy to find employment than it did a decade ago. TIPS: Be realistic about the job-search time frame. Brace yourself for the inevitable speed bumps of a job search. For example, don’t expect to land an interview within a week or two of starting your hunt. Believe in yourself. Like a successful salesperson, you must believe that what you’re selling has value. When looking for a job, you’re essentially selling yourself and your experience. Take a project-management approach. Break down the search process into a series of goals, spread out over time. For example, give yourself one week to draft a resume & cover letter. Other suggested milestones: Within one month: Network face to face with 15 to 20 people who could help you find work. Within three months: Secure three job interviews…etc Evaluate your progress. Take time out once ...

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Top Five Tips for A Killer Presentation

How do some people give killer presentations while others simply flop? In the majority of cases, it’s preparation. Most people will be at least slightly, if not very, nervous, before a presentation or talk; the trick is to channel the nerves into something positive, rather than seeing it as a fail before you even begin. Here are Alison’s top five tips for giving a killer presentation! Top five tips for giving a killer presentation 1. Get Clarity Sitting down and thinking about what it is you want to get across is the very first thing you need to do. What is the presentation about? What are the main points you need to get across? 2. Create Your Story Think of your presentation as a story – you have a story to tell and you want to tell it in the most effective way possible. So you need to have a beginning, a middle and an end, just like any other story. Make sure that it’s clear, concise, sticks to the point, and doesn’t try to fit in too many points. Think of crafting a story – you want it to flow, to be entertaining, to engage – all the things ...

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Writing Good Curriculum Vitae – Tosin Adekanmbi

Now that the first half of 2017 is wrapping it’s time to look at the goals again. Some of us have set goals for our career but are yet to make our best moves. Having a good Resume is one of the first steps in getting the job you want. If you are a fresh graduate you may not know the first thing about selling your skills through your Resume. If you are not a fresh graduate you probably have a Resume already. So before you start clicking away on every job website and submitting Resume hoping to book a job interview, you need to check that Resume again to ensure it will sell your skills, get employers looking in your direction and land you your best job yet in 2017. Kathy Cowen member of the Guardian Culture Professionals Network shared some top tips on creating a memorable and readable CV. Below is five of the tips. Get the Basics right There is no hard and fast rule about writing a good Resume but there are some common sections that must be covered. Personal and contact information; education and qualification; employment history/ experiences; relevant skills to the job; interests and ...

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Walking Your Way To Career Success

BY TOKUNBO FASORO It’s finally here. “Walking Your Way To Career Success” all Glory to God. This is a journey of over 18 months. It highlights “Secrets to Career Success, Breaking the Ceiling, Successful Entrepreneurship, The Exceptional Curriculum Vitae and Winning at Interviews“. All written from personal experiences and  the experience I gained on the job as an HR Consultant and an Entrepreneur working and interacting with young people. A very interesting and practical book for every young person who desires Career Success. Entrepreneurs who wants to succeed in their personal and professional lives. Made very affordable so every young person can afford it. It’s 1,500 Naira only. Of course you can decide to pay more or buy 50 books or more to impact the youths in your environment, Church or in the Universities. Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 23

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