Walking your way into Career Success


Article written by Tokunbo Fasoro We make mistakes with our career choices because we do not plan. We erroneously assume that relying alone on our grades and degrees can get us to our target careers. I was speaking to a group of students at the University in Lagos about how we receive in recent times, so many job applicants who are second class upper and first class degree holders. When I was an undergraduate, it was quite different. At that time, a whole department could have only one graduating student with a first t class! This simply means that presently, there is a lot of competition. The question is: “What makes you stand out from the crowd?”In a bid to answer this same question, I developed the acronym DPA – Discover, Prepare and Act. Follow these steps and you will have a great chance at career success. Step One – The Discovery Phase: this is the phase where you discover who you are. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Taking action on the honest responses can determine your positional happiness in the next 5 years.Before you choose a career to ask yourself these questions:1. Does this ...

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Within you lies an opportunity to be a star

I was talking to a friend /colleague and he went on and on about how unappreciated he felt at work and how not belonging to a cabal at work made him continuously viewed as an average performer yet he goes above and beyond with his work. We had a lengthy discussion and some salient action points on how he could work through the barriers he was currently going through … I thought to share cause someone here could find it useful. Opportunity always follow value…it may not come now, it’s definitely lurking somewhere in the corner. When you increase your value, you create opportunities. Adding value is the way you appear, prepare and organize…it is found in your execution, it’s how you understand the needs and exceed them not just meeting the expectations of your customers (internal and external)   There is no such thing as job security…the only way to secure the future is to become more valuable. He was totally demotivated so we agreed that one of the best ways to fall in love with your job again is to remember the first day you were picked among others…look for ways to add value to every task, assignment ...

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Career Development Service for American Immigrants.

American immigrants

Career Development Service for American Immigrants. With our Career Development Services, you will be prepared to tackle the American job Market for American immigrants. BI Solutions Nigeria in partnership with My Job Shine have one mission and one mission only: helping you maximize your career potential in the United States of America. How do we do it? By ensuring that you have all the opportunities, knowledge and information necessary to achieve every single milestone in your career’s growth in the USA. As experienced, highly qualified Career Development Specialists, we pride ourselves on our years of experience in various organizations including some of the United States’ Fortune 500 companies, with seasoned professionals who have worked their way from entry level to management. We can provide top-quality career assistance uniquely tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Call 07037269161 Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 425

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How to get a Job through Networking

How to get a job through networking

Article By Tokunbo Fasoro “The job you want may not be advertised at all” I remember at some point in my life, I took sometime time off work to have my baby and was ready to get back to work. One day I was with a neighbor, while chatting I mentioned that I was ready to get back to work. A few days later she called me and asked me if I was interested in a role. She said to me that the position just opened in an organization she was presently handling a project for, that the MD just mentioned it to her.  She immediately told the MD about me and I was scheduled for an interview and that was how I got the job. “The job was never advertised, my network got me the job” Lots of times, many jobs are not advertised. People get jobs through referrals all the time.  You just might know someone that knows someone that can get you that dream job. Social media have connected lots of people together, you definitely will have people in your network you have not seen years, some may just  be acquaintances, old classmates, colleagues etc, there will ...

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What You Need To Know About BI Solutions


BI Solutions (BIS) is a business solutions company committed to human capital development. We provide cutting edge solutions to medium and large organizations. Our aim is to make business goals and objectives easily achievable for our clients, and to help them achieve their desired outcome through their human capital. WHY US? BI Solutions as a business solution company, with specialty in human capital development, we understand that businesses are different, so we operate a flexible approach to suit each specific need. We strive to understand your organization’s objectives so that everything we do contributes to your success and ensures that measurable results are produced. We focus on our clients’ needs and make their best interest our primary concern, while keeping clients’ information confidential. We are big enough to handle complex projects, yet flexible enough to adjust to your needs. Our structure, experience and approach enables us to offer you exceptional services at an exceptional value. OUR SERVICES Our bespoke service is guaranteed to bring results because we tailor each service to suit the specifications required by your organization. Recruitment and Outsourcing Training and Development Performance Management Attendance Management Employee Relations Issues Workplace Health and Safety Job Analysis and Evaluation Organizational ...

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9 Good Questions To Ask In An Interview


Interviews aren’t just about giving the right answers—they’re about asking the right questions. John Kador, Monster contributor The landscape for job seekers today can be difficult. In other words, if you want a job today, the hard work starts when you prepare for the interview. That means not just nailing the interview questions you are asked, but actually asking the kinds of questions designed to make the interviewer sit up and take notice. It’s no longer enough to be qualified. If you want to stand out in today’s job market you have to show your excellence by asking excellent questions. These questions could also help you avoid a bad boss before it’s too late. Don’t squander an opportunity to shine by asking mundane questions the interviewer has heard before. Your goal is to make a statement in the form of a question. The statement is designed to: Highlight your qualifications. Demonstrate your confidence. Reinforce your commitment. Understand the employer’s challenges. Make yourself accountable. Advance your candidacy. Questions are the best way to demonstrate that you understand the company’s challenges, emphasize how you can help the company meet them and show your interest in the most unmistakable manner possible—by actually asking for the position. ...

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How Do You Know If You’ll Be Successful


By Brett Fox When times were really rough, I would get Avery’s magic eight ball. I would ask it, “Do you think we’re going to be a  success?” I would shake the eight ball and wait for the answer to appear in the triangle. The answer came back, “Prospect Good.” My fear was over for a day. The magic eight ball said we were going to be okay. Then, the next day I would shake the magic eight ball again. This time the answer came back, “No.” “It must be a mistake,” I said to myself. “Today, it’s the best two out of three.” So, I shook the magic eight ball again, and this time it came back, “Yes!”. I breathed a sigh of relief, but I still had one more shake to go. So I shook the magic eight ball really, really hard and this time it came back, “Maybe.”   And that about sums up the life of an entrepreneur, doesn’t it? It’s a big maybe. Unfortunately, no one can tell you, not even the magic eight ball, whether or not you’re going to succeed. But there are leading indicators. Here are my eight leading indicators of entrepreneurial ...

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Body language mistakes even experienced professionals make


You may have chosen the perfect words for the meeting, the presentation, or the one-on-one conversation, but if your body language isn’t in sync, your message won’t stick. Moira Lawler, Monster contributor You’ve mastered the firm handshake—congrats! But don’t stop there: Body language in the workplace goes way beyond that. Think about it: You can only get out so many words per minute (yes, even you fast talkers out there), but your body gives off thousands of messages in that same stretch of time, says Patti Wood, an Atlanta-based body language expert and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma. Problem is, many managers and senior execs don’t pay attention to their body language. “They have two conversations going on: the verbal conversation and the nonverbal conversation,” says Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., a California-based body language expert and author of The Silent Language of Leaders: How Body Language Can Help—or Hurt—How You Lead. “And the nonverbal can either support or sabotage what they say.” Read through these six common mistakes to see if your body language is working against you. Mistake #1: You’re making too much (or too little) eye contact Without eye contact, you’re telling ...

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Salary Negotiation: Tactics Everyone Can Use

Salary Negociation

In this answer on Quora, Monster career expert Vicki Salemi tells you how to maximize your job offers by being a smart negotiator. Vicki Salemi, Monster career expert Q. What are some salary negotiation tactics everyone can use? A. There are several tactics you can use in salary negotiations, regardless of your industry, geographic region, and job level. One of the most important tips I can give is that you must know your worth. What is the going rate for someone in your position and in your region, with your level of experience? You can find this information from a variety of places—online, mentors, former bosses who work at other companies, peers. Once you know what the going rate is for someone like you, figure out your “break-it” number—that is, the lowest possible base salary you will accept. Identify this number prior to any job offer. When coming up with your break-it number, it’s important to calculate what your out-of-pocket monthly health care costs will be. When you’re comparing two offers side by side, one salary may seem much more lucrative, but buyer beware. Don’t forget to compare employee benefits packages and your commuting costs (time and money). Evaluate the entire ...

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Career Growth versus Career Development

Career Planning

Career Growth versus Career Development Pitching career growth versus career development doesn’t make them completely unrelated but it doesn’t make them the same thing either. Is it possible to use them interchangeably? The answer is no but they are both very crucial to your career advancement. It’s time to set the records straight – They do not mean the same thing. We will take a good look at what each one means as well as how they affect your career in the short-term and in the long-term. What is Career Growth?   Career growth is the process of moving from one point of the corporate ladder to another. Promotions is one of the most popular ways through which career growth is achieved. For example, if you join a trusted recruitment firm as a sales executive and rise through the ranks to become the Lead, Sales Team over a period of 18 months, then this is career growth – Notice how your designation and responsibilities have changed? This is what you achieve with career growth. If you are hired by a company in 2021 as a creative designer and by 2023, you become the creative director, this is called career growth. ...

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