Building a Successful Career and procrastination

Building a Successful Career and procrastination

I met an old friend some time ago, this person had been one of the best students in school at that time and when we began to discuss, I found out that he had been on the same position for many years and had not gotten a pay raise in over 5 years. It was a real heart break to learn that someone with so much potential was suffering from career stagnation. He complained that at some point,  he was looking forward to getting promoted to a particular position but unfortunately the organization recruited someone else to fill the position, and he felt cheated.

I asked for his CV, and realized that all he had in the last 11 years was his first degree. He had not obtained another degree or another certification, and it was evident that there was no effort made on personal development. I told him that if I were his manager, I would have done the same.

Without realizing it, most of us retreat into our comfort zones and never leave it. We just retreat, forgetting that the world is revolving and things are changing. The degree you had yesterday may not be relevant for tomorrow’s work. You need to stay abreast of what is happening in your industry, doing research, going for seminars so you know the next step to take and you don’t become obsolete.

The major cause of career stagnation is procrastination.  have you ever stayed too long on a job or company that wasn’t helping you reach your full potential? – The unfortunate thing about it is that while standing still, we are actually going backwards. This makes us less attractive to employers and less likely to be promoted even on your current role. Whatever your comfort zone is, you pay a huge price for staying in it.


Procrastination is focusing on fear instead of possibility. The smartest people always have options to progress in their career even if things are going well. Failure to plan for the future is a key reason why so many people experience frustration and lack of development. When you procrastinate, you squander the most precious asset you have –Time. Read my article on procrastination here.

In conclusion, when you start making excuses to take that extra course or take that exam, recognize this as a call to action. Don’t wait another second. Get it done!


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