BIE Entrepreneur of the week: Temitayo Balogun

Temitayo Balogun is the Founder and Creative Director of May Couture, a customer-focused accessories & design brand in Nigeria.gc%c2%ac234-803-079-3142gc%c2%bc-20160902_230251 Born in the quiet city of Akure, Ondo State, she grew up in Ibadan, Oyo State and went back to Ondo State to study Industrial Chemistry at the prestigious Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba. She’s right now completing her Master’s in Analytical Chemistry at the Federal University of Technology, Akure.gc%c2%ac234-803-079-3142gc%c2%bc-20160929_181034
While at the University, she began this journey into creativity and craftsmanship, having had a deep interest in her formative years. By 2014, the brand had become full-fledged and orders were received from different parts of the country as testimony to the uniqueness and quality of her handmade products.gc%c2%ac234-803-079-3142gc%c2%bc-20160411_142158
Of her beginnings, she says:
I think I’ve always loved to do things with my hands, and make people look good. Looking good is good business, you know?
Way back, immediately after secondary school, I learnt beadmaking. I’d seen a lady use bead and said to myself, “I can do this,” and I’d gone ahead to buy beadmaking materials: beads, fishing line, hook…the whole nine yards; everything I need to make my dream of making beads come alive. 20160824084544But I needed the “know how”. I was just a girl who wanted to make beads, but who didn’t know how to, exactly. So guess what I did? I approached a woman in the market – the woman who sold me the materials I needed. She explained the process – just the basics. I went home and tried and viola! I did it. I’m still doing it, and it gets better.
gc%c2%ac234-803-079-3142gc%c2%bc-20160308_230018On accessories, I began that journey when I learnt how to make bow ties and pocket squares in my final year in school. A friend and I had decided to up our entrepreneurial grades and learn other things we didn’t know. I decided to learn how to make bowties, not for any special reasons but because it was one of the few things I didn’t know how to do, on the list of the many options I was confronted with, at the time.gc%c2%ac234-803-079-3142gc%c2%bc-20160323_184103
Other things like traditional/ankara accessories, bridal fascinators, etc. I learnt along the line.
Apart from making beautiful, classy, fashion accessories and products,gc%c2%ac234-803-079-3142gc%c2%bc-20160804_113545 May Couture also loves to give back to society through frequent training programs targeted at younger women and girls, giving them power to be independent, creative and productive contributors to society.gc%c2%ac234-803-079-3142gc%c2%bc-20160305_005553

Location: Ibadan (Delivers nationwide)
Contact: 08030793142;
Instagram: @maycoutures,


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  1. really beautiful products… I want *big smile*

  2. these are really kool, do u make regular ties?


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