BIE Entrepreneur of the week: Taiye Fashipe

Taiye Fashipe makes one half of a beauty duo, coined ‘ThaiNeems’ –which is a hair and makeup business run by herself and sister Nima Fashipe.taineem1

Taiye (Left) has just finished studying English and Comparative Literature, at Goldsmiths, University of London. And has recently moved back to Lagos to expand her hair and makeup business. She gained an interest in hair from a young age, of 11, and would often practice braiding styles on the hair of her mother and sister before finally gaining the confidence to start doing the hairs of her friends and family to widen her experience.taineem2As the years went by, Taiye developed her hair skills based on new trends in the market and can do several styles of braiding and weaving however, she specializes in the application of lace systems –such as lace closures, frontals and wigs.taineem4“For years and years my hair was being damaged through over-processing from relaxer and excess use of heat, and one day when I was about 17 or 18 I saw a bald patch in the front of my head and I said to myself okay I have to change something. That was when I first started wearing a lace closure as a way to protect all my hair as I transitioned to being natural. And now 4 years later its wigs, wigs and more wigs” She said, as this was what pushed her to research into the art of lace and wig-making which she has now perfected to the point that she makes and sells handmade lace wigs to mimic one’s real hair.taineem3

Taiye says the best thing about wigs is the ability to have the versatility and illusion that the hair is growing from your own scalp without having any stress or damage towards your own hair. “People are always confused because today my hair is blonde and tomorrow it could be red –I can have a new look everyday if I wanted”.taineem5

Despite being renowned for her handmade units, she also fixes hair, for those who are not yet accustomed to wigs and the best thing about it all is that her methods are glue-less and not damaging to the natural hair. Taiye hopes to have her own wig line collection and a beauty studio along with her sister –as they also offer makeup and gele services.

“The one thing I’ve learnt over the years is that as well as loving what you do, you must also have a plan when it comes to starting your own business. Try to have a clear idea as to how to make yourself stand out from the crowd and that will lead you onto your plan to generate profit from your passion”.


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  1. Cool stuff… please how much do you sell your weaves


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