BIE Entrepreneur of the week: Raufu Ayomide Ayishat.

I  am Raufu Ayomide Ayishat, a 24 years old young lady and I am a shoe maker.

My sojourn began 6 years ago as a single speck of thought during one of those school vacations where you’re idle. My cousin sat me down and made me see the necessity of picking up a vocation thereby attending a skill acquisition program.

My first consideration was make-up, seeing as it was all the rave at the time. However, pointing out the need to stand out, she suggested I go for something else and I ended up picking shoe making.



After 4 weeks of basic and advanced classes, it occurred to me that this is something I could actually do. So I started making slippers and sandals; I would make free shoes for people, usually my friends just to see how it fits.

The major challenge I had was getting funds to buy materials and tools; all I had at the time was stipends, yet I would eke out some to successfully make a few pairs of slippers and sandals.


Sometimes, I would walk from Oshodi to Mushin just so I could have enough money to buy the needed materials. In spite of the hardships, my love for shoe making waxed ever stronger.

Using the feedback I got from people, overtime, I upgraded the quality of my shoes, ergo polishing my expertise. Now I have customers ranging from celebrities to corporate workers to normal folks, which has enabled me to acquire a space which is my show room today.

A lot of people don’t believe me when I tell them I make shoes, I mean, who would?

Discover yourself; nurture it, do not rush. Remember, that forest wasn’t built in a day.

Raufu Ayomide Ayishat.


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