BIE Entrepreneur of the week: Poroku Oluwaseyi

Poroku Oluwaseyi is the CEO and Founder of SketchStage, a web design business he runs in Lagos.
He had his primary and secondary school in Lagos. He attended Bowen University in Osun state and obtained a BSc in business administration.
After which he went for different interviews, but got no job. Wrote a lot of job examinations but got nowhere with that, he was so eager to get a job that he became so depressed, but he always had a flair for web design, so he decided to go into web design training which lasted for 6months.

After which he ventured into the IT world and acquired a diploma in web design. Little did he know it wasn’t that easy, after months of searching for a client, no fruit yielded so went back to the drawing board, learnt more on his own, discovered his selling point, worked for three IT training schools where he got his first job of 25000 naira. He was really excited because he could have done the job for free because of the passion he had for it. This gave birth to the idea of starting his business which he named SketchStage.poroku
During the course of finding his passion and starting his business, he learnt how to be patient and also, when things do not go well, you should trace your steps back to the beginning, make amends on your mistakes and above all have a passion for what you do.
Sketchstage, is a web design company that offers quality website design services at reasonable rates and bargain. Services such as ecommerce, blogs, Business websites and more
The name sketchstage depicts a platform where ones work is tested.
Poroku Oluwaseyi is currently running an Msc Program in Organizational Behavior in the University of Lagos.
Mr Poroku Oluwaseyi has done works for different companies and individuals which builds up an extraordinary portfolio for a starting company.

Companies and individuals including:
JboldOnline: www.jboldonline.comseo

U can visit sketchstage :
Twitter: @sketch_stage
IG: sketchstagevv

Twitter: @sheyigerian
IG: seyigerian


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