BIE Entrepreneur of the week: Osunde Eseosa

Osunde Eseosa is the CEO of LooksbyEMO, a makeup company which she started during her undergraduate study. She is presently a Corp member serving her country in the NYSC scheme. Eseosa is from Edo state and studied project Management in the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo state.img-20161006-wa0004

Eseosa learnt the art of makeup in her 300level during one of the ASUU strikes, while her colleagues went home; she stayed back in school and learnt the skill from a professional makeup artist. She started makeup because of her love for colors and the desire to create a name for herself.img-20161006-wa0007 After the training period elapsed, she went back home and started making up her friends and family for free using the little cheap products she could afford at that time as getting a Professional makeup kit was very expensive. She made business cards and gave them out to anyone she met.

MakeUpArtistry by LooksByEmo

MakeUpArtistry by LooksByEmo

She kept getting better over time and never gave up and then finally someone called her for a job. “That day was the happiest day of my life” she said, as it was the beginning of her career as a makeup artist but she didn’t have a professional makeup kit yet… She was however given part payment for the job which she used to get as many makeup products she could afford and she used a bag her mother gave her to neatly arrange those products. img-20161006-wa0006That was how she got her first ever makeup kit and after the wedding she got several jobs as people loved the makeover.img-20161006-wa0009

“The lesson learnt over the years has been priceless and the most important thing I learnt is that Passion is the first thing to have as an entrepreneur, not money. Start small and grow with your business. Never be in a hurry.”

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