Doyin Adunfe, HR Professional Turned Makeup Artist

The first time I saw Doyin, I said to my self ” Wow, who is this tall and pretty girl?” She looks so much like a model‎ and just talking with her, I discovered how amazing she was both inside and outside. She told me she is a makeup artist and I decided to give her a try and boom! I just loved what I saw. It was amazing to discover that she was an HR Professional turned makeup artist and we were so glad she granted us an interview and allowed us to share her story to inspire BIE readers. Enjoy…

1. “Can we meet you?”

“My name is Doyin Adunfe, I am Yoruba, I am a make-up artist


2. “How did you discover make-up artistry? Is it something you have always wanted to do or did you just stumble into it?”

My mom was never a make-up person, but I would go ahead to buy makeup with my small money and would do something elaborate on my small face as far back as when I was in primary school. At the University, I was a make-up critique. I would look at editorials, photographs and would be like “Why is the eyebrow like this? Why are the lips like that?” Even though I never planned to be a full time MUA, I just found myself in the profession.


3. “Can you tell us about your brand?”

“Doyin Adunfe is an infant brand/establishment, we are into beauty, wedding make-up, bridal make-up, photo shoots, editorial shots, theatre, parties, just there for men and women who want to look good/extraordinary. My services are tailored towards beauty basically.”


4. “What makes you stand out from others, because we all know there are so many MUAs around?”
Most of my clients are happy with the way they are treated, Some are like “Oh Doyin, I leave it to
you”, I won’t just bully you into having a look  you are not comfortable with. I look at the skin type, skin texture, the climate etc and I tailor my product to these factors making sure the result of the make-up is wonderful. I would say I am proud of my work. I look at my work and I am happy.  Makeup is way different now than what it used to be in the fifties, so I try to be up to date to ensure that I give my clients the best.

Doyin Adunfe MUA

Doyin Adunfe MUA

5. “What advice can you give to aspiring young entrepreneurs?”

“First of all, I believe in passion. Passion is very important in the make-up industry, there are several make-up artists, So I’ll advise any young entrepreneur not to be discouraged by saturation in their industry, they should keep their fire burning and remain passionate. I would also advise them to go for trainings because some people are not born entrepreneurs, some are better off earning salaries because being an entrepreneur takes lots of guts. I would advise those who find it hard to ‘break through’, they could go through business school, entrepreneurship programmes, entrepreneurship seminars etc.

Tokunbo Fasoro, Happy girls are the prettiest girls !!! makeup @doyinadunfe

Tokunbo Fasoro, Happy girls are the prettiest girls !!! makeup @doyinadunfe

There you have it dear BIE readers, an HR professional with no business knowledge turn a successful make-up artist. If she could do it, so can you. So get up, buck up and get moving!


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