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A lot of young people end up with the wrong career for different reasons and they find out that they are very unhappy but stuck in that career. For the lucky few who can get out, they have to start building another career from scratch after losing valuable time. I have outlined 6 beginner mistakes in choosing a career so that you can avoid that pitfall.

1. Yielding to Family Influence: A lot of parents these days, especially in Africa, box their children into a corner and would not let them express themselves. A lot of parents want their children in ‘prestigious’ career paths such as the legal and medical profession, but the question is “Will you be happy living your life as a lawyer? Or a doctor?” Please do not be influenced by your family.

  1. Caving to Peer Pressure: ‘All my friends are going into this profession, I would also like to do it’. Will it make you happy?
  1. Allowing the Poor University structure chart your course: Here in Nigeria, a lot of students are forced into the only courses that are available in their universities. It’s more about availability and less or none of passion
  1. Seeking Money: A lot of us are driven by the financial reward in a certain career path, and are not thinking about who you are, your passion and your values.
  1. Lack of Direction: I was talking to someone some time ago, and I asked him about building a career. He said to me “I don’t really care, as long as I can make a living out of it” This is extremely dangerous and can set you off on the wrong foundation.

6. Wallowing in Low Self Esteem: Some people do not believe in themselves and this has really affected a lot of career decisions. The feeling that “I cannot!”, “He is better than me!”, “Can I ever be great?”

It is very important that a lifelong decision such as choosing a career should be done carefully, without any pressure, influence or restrictions. I have attached a link on ‘how to choose a career you love and you may never have to work a day in your life again’.

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