Why Be Average When Excellence Is Possible? – Zika Nwaise

Hello dear BIE readers, I trust you are all doing good! I know you all must have missed me(as I did you) but don’t worry, I have prepared something special to make up for all the time I was away. It’s a clip from my autobiography, a story of how I learnt to do more and go the extra mile. I learnt so much from that experience and I thought to share with us- who knows? I just might be helping someone out. Read and be inspired.

When I was 20 years old, I joined a department in church and I was so zealous and enthusiastic that I would jump at everything I was asked to do.If I was given a task with a deadline of a week later, I would return with feedback as early as a day or two after. I continued like this for months and was expecting that in very short period I would be promoted in that department.Unfortunately I wasn’t. I remained in that position for about two years and would always be commended with comments like “Good job girl”!Or given a ‘thumbs up’ for doing well. I wasn’t satisfied with that so I started to get uneasy and demotivated.Soon after, it started affecting my dedication to work as I felt that I had hit the glass ceiling and couldn’t do better than that role. I soon got the feeling that I probably wasn’t welcome in that department and so I switched.

Shortly after that, I joined another department and the same thing happened all over again. It was like a dream to me, a dream that I could not wait to wake up from. My next move was a decision to change my church, but while I was speaking to the head of department; making my intention, he looked at me, gave a warm smile and he said to me “Have you taken out time to study other people in your unit?Have you tried to study what it is that the people who are promoted do differently”? His response startled me as I did not expect a reply like that. He then said to me, “Can you do me a favour?Can you take time to study these people for about two months before you make up your mind to leave”? I agreed. I then began to study every single member of the team.My first observation was that no one ever missed their deadlines, they even delivered before time. It then dawned on me that I had not done anything different. I saw that those who were being promoted did things differently in the sense that they could initiate projects and execute them, if given an assignment where I would have just given a straight answer, they would go into details and several more.That was when I realized that I had actually been laid back all this while. Of course I decided to stay back, learn from everyone and improve myself. This life lesson has helped me in my personal and professional development.

I hope this has inspired someone to do something differently and go the extra mile in carrying out a task, executing a project or even a personal job. Like one of my mentors would say, “Why should you be average when you can be excellent”?

Have a great day.

Zika Nwaise


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  1. Nice one Zika, I always look forward to reading your posts.

  2. I think the idea of being laid back never worked for anybody, me inclusive. bottom line is if you want to advance faster in your career and in life your execution skills have to be on point. you should be able to initiate projects/tasks, execute them and even finish them before the deadline. productivity is key.
    okay so nice write up ngozi, I didnt know you have started writing. we go celebrate am o. break a leg!

  3. Nice piece Zika. Thumbs up!


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