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Bisolutions is recruiting to fill these positions in a Pharmacy

Pharmacy recruitment

We are recruiting to fill these positions: A Pharmacy is looking to fill these roles: Location: Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. Pharmacist Manager Responsibilities: Overall management and responsibility of the pharmacy Lead the management of a professional and productive team. Delivery of company targets, staff management and patient safety. Improve efficiency and the smooth running of day to day tasks at the pharmacy Ensure all legal and good practice regulations and obligations are met by the staff Ensure a Responsible Pharmacist is present at all times, during contracted hours, and the business is trading during these hours with no disruption. Manages a group of pharmacists who, under the direction of a physician, compound and dispense prescribed drugs. Oversees daily pharmacy operations. Monitors and audits drug inventory, ensures compliance with all regulatory guidelines and reporting. Manages subordinate staff in the day-to-day performance of their jobs. Ensures that project/department milestones/goals are met and adhering to approved budgets. Has full authority for personnel actions.  Qualifications: Right candidate must be self-motivated with excellent communication skills and other managerial qualities. Typically requires 5 years’ experience in the related area as an individual contributor. 1 to 3 years supervisory experience may be required. Requirements: Managerial experience within ...

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Get Ready For Big Opportunities By Opeyemi Komolafe.

Get ready

GET READY!!!! A very popular saying is “When opportunity meets preparation, success is inevitable.” That saying is so true!! You complain about how you can’t get a break to show your skills or an opportunity to show a prospective employer/investor how invaluable you or your idea is, yet, when you get that chance, the amazing break you envision disappears like smoke in the wind. Why did that happen? I have a possible explanation……….. It could be that when that opportunity came, you were required to display a certain skill, showcase knowledge in a certain area, possess a competence etc which you lacked, consequently you appeared not to be quite ready to handle that responsibility. INVEST IN YOURSELF Dear readers, even the most successful individual still has a little project he/she is working on which needs some level of approval. While waiting for that big opportunity, why not invest in yourself? Spend time acquiring different skills, reading about new things, doing short courses etc, basically investing in yourself, so that when that opportunity presents itself, it will find you competent, knowledgeable and well aware of how to move from point A through to point Z. Believe me, if you are feeling your way, unsure and faltering, your investors will find out and a competent recruitment team can tell. No one will trust his business to someone who comes across as unprepared or not competent to handle the responsibilities of the new position/business. Learning point for today…….. while waiting, get ready so that when your big opportunity comes it will meet you ready to run. Edited by Ojochide Isaac. Share on: WhatsApp Post Views: 979

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Teach For Nigeria is now receiving applications.


The 2018 Teach For Nigeria Fellowship is now receiving applications. Teach For Nigeria invites exceptional university graduates and outstanding young professionals to apply to the 2018 Teach For Nigeria Fellowship. Teach For Nigeria strongly believes that the only true and sustainable path to improving educational opportunities for all children in Nigeria is by channeling and developing Nigeria’s most capable young leaders against the problem of educational inequity. We envision a day where every Nigerian Child will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.For this reason, we are committed to mobilizing outstanding leaders who will drive the movement towards educational equity and excellence in Nigeria. We would like to invite you to take the next step of your leadership journey with us, to serve as a full-time teacher to children from low-income communities in some of Nigeria’s most under-resourced schools.  We are looking for individuals who: are ready to accept a challenge demonstrate interpersonal skills through their interactions with various stakeholders are critical thinkers and problem solvers set high expectations for themselves and for others demonstrate interpersonal skills through their interactions with various stakeholders actively seek ways to maximize their own potential are passionate and committed to the vision of educational equity ...

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Associates, Team Leads and Managing Associate Needed

Associates Needed

Associates & Team Leads A leading, fully integrated Law Firm in Lagos is urgently looking to recruit highly qualified and self-motivated individuals as Mid-Level Associates & Team Leads in the Corporate Commercial Department. Candidates should have: Very good transactional experience in General Commercial, Mergers & Acquisition, Banking & Finance and Energy. At least 5 years at the Bar with the potential to assume a Senior role in the firm. Ability to work on transactions without supervision.   Interested and qualified candidates should please send their resumes to:, no later than Friday January 26th, 2018.     Mid-Level Associate & Managing Associate A mid-size Corporate and Commercial Law Firm in Lagos is urgently looking to recruit highly qualified and self-motivated individuals as Mid-Level Associate & Managing Associate in the Corporate Commercial Department. Candidates should have: Very good transaction al experience in General Commercial, Capital Markets experience is key, Mergers & Acquisition, Banking & Finance and Energy. At least 5 years at the Bar with the potential to assume a Senior role in the firm. 7-10 years at the Bar for the Managing.   Associate Role. Ability to work on transactions without supervision. Leadership skill is imperative for the Managing Associate ...

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Transit from Paid Employment to Entrepreneurship?

Are You Ready to Transit from Paid Employment to Entrepreneurship?

In recent times, I’ve had to share how I plan my finances with friends and they are usually intrigued like seriously!!! I particularly remember the look on @tokunbofasoro a few weeks ago when I told her my journey through my finances and how effective planning has helped me to not just support my family but also help me build a business out of my passion. Last year, I saved about 52% of my income monthly asides insurance for children’s higher institution and other miscellaneous saving. I was coaching a client last year who wanted to quit 8-5pm but had to provide guidance on how to make the exit smoother on her and the family. @iamtoyinakinlade once gave an advice to intending entrepreneurs, who are currently employees, to make adequate financial plans for their exit. This is so valid. People have left their jobs for ENTREPRENEURSHIP and what they got was ENTREPENURSHIP. This year, as you set goals to start the business of your passion, come and learn the following: Few tips to put your dreams to test. How to juggle your job with your passion before you quit Planing your finances to support that goal Getting ready financially before you ...

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Positive Thinking by Tokunbo Fasoro

Positive Thinking by Tokunbo Fasoro

What is positive thinking? Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results. Positive thinking: How positive thoughts can build your skills.  With a positive attitude, we experience pleasant and happy feelings; this brings brightness to the eyes, more energy, and happiness. Our whole being broadcasts goodwill, happiness and success, even our health is affected in a beneficial way. We walk tall, our voice is more powerful and our body language shows the way we feel. Research is beginning to revel that positive thoughts is not just about being happy, but that positive thoughts can actually create real value in your life and help you build skills that can help you progress in you professional and personal life. What negative thoughts do to your brain.. For example, you are walking on a street and you see a python that is longer and bigger than you, the first thing that happens to you is fear and the next action you take is to run.. most times, we don’t thinking and we just run, we do not give room for other options, that is what negative thoughts does. Thank God we ...

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Women We Love: Tokunbo Fasoro

Tokunbo Fasoro

Today’s Woman magazine interiews Tokunbo Fasoro Tokunbo Fasoro is a HR Consultant, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Career Coach, Co-Host of the 7Star Workers Radio Show on City Fm Lagos and Author of the book Walking Your Way Into Career Success.   In this interview she tells us how she is changing the lives of Nigerian graduates! What is BI solutions? TF: BI Solutions (BIS) is a business solutions company committed to human capital development. We provide cutting-edge solutions to small, medium and large organizations in HR advisory services, training, and development, recruitment and selection, organizational development, performance management, career progression, succession planning, manpower planning, setting up of systems/structures and HR support services. tw: Why did you start the BI Empowerment platform? TF: In May 2014, I started my company (BI Solutions), and I made a surprising discovery while recruiting for organizations: after interviewing over 20 candidates, only a select few would impress me. This was a problem, and it was a heavy burden on my heart. I realized that during interviews, I sometimes spent about 45 minutes trying to counsel and help them be better fits for firms. This was indeed a burden to me and I thought to myself, “How can ...

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Setting SMART Goals for 2018 by Tokunbo Fasoro

A few days ago, I sat down and began to analyze my life in 2017. I am grateful to God that I set 9 major goals and achieved 6 of them. I remember how about a couple years ago I would set goals and never take them seriously, in fact by February I would have forgotten all I set. But the year I decided to take my goals seriously, I wrote them down behind a dairy I carry around every where, so I could look at them from time to time, measure progress and stay focused, that was when I began to make a head way. I also learnt a lot of lessons along the way, some very hard but more importantly, it has helped me re-evaluate my journey to determine if I am headed in the right direction or not. These lessons would also stand as a guide for me in 2018. For some people who may feel that their course has been slightly deterred or even derailed, see the New Year as a fresh start to re-establish your goals and start the process of creating the path you desire. Personal goal setting helps us evaluate what we like ...

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Jobs are available in TechnoServe


We’re looking for a Project Coordinator (Abuja, Nigeria) TechnoServe works with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses, and industries. We are a non-profit organization that develops business solutions to poverty by linking people to information, capital, and markets. Our work is rooted in the idea that given the opportunity, hardworking men and women in even the poorest places can generate income, jobs, and wealth for their families and communities. With more than four decades of proven results, we believe in the power of private enterprise to transform lives. About the Project: In partnership with Synergos Development Innovations, TechnoServe is working to transform the agricultural sector through the State Partnership for Agriculture (SPA). SPA uses a systems change approach to re-orient and strengthen key state actors in the sector and is initially focusing on rice and cassava in the states of Benue and Kogi, and potato and ginger in Kaduna. As a consulting partner to Synergos, TechnoServe is conducting policy analyses aimed at improving decision-making at the federal and state levels, engaging critical private sector partners to promote agricultural investment, and conducting capacity building interventions. Primary Purpose: The Project Coordinator will oversee and coordinate project activities ...

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Android App and Website Dev. Certification Courses

Andriod Apps training

So you want to build your own apps? And you want to build them… from the comfort of your home… in your own time… without having to wade through endless textbooks (or online guides). Am I right? And let me guess: you only want the latest technology, software and techniques—because you’ve got big plans, big ideas—and let’s be honest… you’re impatient and you want to jump the queue? SoftBlue Digital Academy is an Android and a Website development Authorized Training Center and offers various training courses on these popular technologies. In this fast paced world of mobile applications, Android and Website developers are in huge demand. These Professional programming courses will help you and your children make a mark in the mobile and web application development and testing field. Apply now at Call: 07069671225 What Will I Learn? Android Dev Course: Make pretty much any Android app you like (your only limit is your imagination) Submit your apps to Google Play and generate revenue with Google Pay and Google Ads Become a professional app developer, take freelance jobs and work from anywhere in the world Bored with the same old, same old? Apply for a new job in a ...

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