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Are you Recommendable?

I went to an organization to deliver a training on Personal Effectiveness. While I was speaking, a man stood up and complained bitterly about how the Nigerian economy is so bad, with a high rate of unemployment, and how four (4) of his children who are graduates are at home with no jobs. I decided to have a chat with him after the training where I asked him to send one of them to me. After speaking with her, I discovered she had very poor communication skills and I asked myself, “Can I actually recommend her to any of our clients?”
The honest truth is that communication is one of the most vital qualities we look out for during interviews. Every job seeker needs to do an appraisal on how good your communication skills are. I have put down a few tips on how to improve your communication skills.
  • Read good books: Books that would help in building your vocabulary like novels, inspirational books or even your primary school English textbooks can help improve your communication.
  • Association: Interact with people who have excellent command of English that will in turn rob off on how you communicate.
  • Watching and listening: Watch English movies, listen to audio books and take a break from the regular home videos E.g. Yoruba films. This would help improve your pronunciation of words.
  • Be mindful of grammatical errors: Be conscious of your use of tenses and words.


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