Apply For The World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program

The World Bank Group is offering PhD students from Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries the opportunity to get hands-on experience with development research and policy making by registering for its Africa Fellowship Program. Successful applicants will work for a minimum of six months at the World Bank’s headquarters in Washington D.C., or in one of its country offices.

The Africa Fellowship Program of the World Bank was initiated in 2013 by World Bank Africa Vice President, Makhtar Diop; it was conceived as a program which would ensure the continuous training of world-class development policy experts from the Africa, especially women. These fellows would, the institution hopes, go on to help countries across the continent thread the right path to sustainable economic development. It also opens the door to a possible career with the World Bank Group.

Areas in which fellows will be working include economic policy, technical assistance to countries, and lending. They will have access to the World Bank’s impressive range of datasets, which they will use in research work, to be documented and presented to staff. These papers could also be published internally by the bank if they are considered to meet its standards. They have the chance to gain valuable experience working and interacting with seasoned experts, and get a better understanding of the World Bank’s work with developing countries.

Recent PhD graduates and doctoral students who will be completing their PhD program in Economics, Demographics, Applied Statistics and Econometrics, Health or Agriculture within 1 or 2 years are eligible to apply. Applicants to the program should be at least 32 years or younger, proficient with the English language (verbal or written), and skilled in the analysis of quantitative data.

Application for the fellowship closes on September30, 2016.

To find out more about the World Bank’s Africa Fellowship Program, click here.

To Apply, click here.


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