1. Avoid wearing tight clothing: It might not only give the wrong impression, it may also be distracting. The interviewer should focus on your skills not your figure.
  1. Short Clothes: Some interviewees wear really short clothes and it is obvious they are even uncomfortable. For an interviewer with morals, you have practically failed the interview without even saying a
  1. Avoid wearing overly casual clothes: Do not wear jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, T-shirts, hats, flip flops, sandals and flat shoes (Ladies). Ladies, wearing heels helps your posture. A good posture not only gives an air of confidence it makes you look smart and professional. Garments with messages written on them are a definite NO! NO! Avoid wearing obnoxiously colored suits such as yellow and red for the men, busy printed shirts or overly patterned ties (except you are interviewing as a clown of course!). It sums you up as unserious and can be very distracting for the interviewer. Save the fun till after you have got the job.


  1. Anything Distracting: Women should avoid exposing their cleavage or anything too revealing. No brightly colored dresses, make up should be minimal. Dresses with sleeves are preferable to sleeveless clothes. Both men and women should choose subtle and conservative clothes. It’s a good idea to stick to the basics which are black, blue and grey. You should be the focus of your interview not your clothing.
  1. Avoid looking weird: Avoid ridiculously looking pointy or chapped nails, shouting make-up or hair do with different colors and contrasting colored socks for men.55025d01e1eb1_-_alloween-2012-katy-perry-shannon-woodward-katyperry-twitter
  1. Avoid anything that would make you smell: Never attend interviews with smelly, sweat stained or ill-fitting clothes. Ensure that you do not walk to your interview venue. Chances that you will sweat and that your sweat will smell are high. Some people come into a room and the smell that diffuses into the environment will almost make you pass out. Remember to always use a deodorant because some of us don’t even know we smell. Do not eat seafood, peanuts or any food with a strong smell as this will give you a bad breath when conversing with the interviewer.
  1. Excessive Accessories: Avoid noisy bangles and jewelry that are elaborateYou can save your very powerful perfume for later, keep it mild; the interviewer may be

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