7 Mistakes Every Job Seeker Should Avoid During an Interview- Tokunbo Fasoro

In the course of interviewing graduates and young people over the years, I have discerned quite a number of things they say/do that serve as red flags during these interviews; a lot of candidates have consequently, lost many job offers. Often times it’s difficult to give the much needed feedback due to reasons such as time constraints and a disinclination to cause offense.

Hence, the decision to put this out for youngjob seekers to read, so they canavoid such mistakes:

  1. Bad Introduction- From the question ‘Tell me about yourself’, we expect you to sell yourself to us in a few words; talk about yourself and your achievements.Many a time, I can tell who is in and who is probably going to lose it just from the response to this question. In a nut shell, if your first 30 seconds is not great, it has an impact on the rest of the interview.
  1. C.V and linked in profile must match with personality- Lots of times, some candidates write half-truths or outright lies. Some lie about their ages, especially if the position has an age limit, forgetting that there would definitely be discrepancies between the claimed age and their primary and secondary school (high school) graduate year.
  2. Low energy or Low motivation- An interviewee should look and act motivated, a number of candidates come across to us as having low energy from the way they respond to questions and this can be seen as a red flag.
  3. Careful what you put on social media handles – We sometimes do some ‘googling’ before even shortlisting. This is because sometimes we find things that influence the candidates’ chances of securing the role.
  4. Unclear about what you want – I am passionate about people following their passion and I ensure that candidates are profiled into a job position where they can explore their passion, this prevents high labour turn over. Because a candidate is happy on the job, maximum performance is assured and the employer is happy as well.When we encounter candidates who appear to be unsure about what they want, its creams red flag.  If such a candidate takes the job, there is the possibility that he/she would realize it is a wrong career choice and switch jobs quickly.
  1. Avoid trying too hard to impress – Sometimes, many a candidate comes across to us as not being real. They would have crammed various answers and many times just say it even when it doesn’t relate to the question asked. A lot of candidates would want to impress the interviewer by using big words from the dictionary; they usually end up using it in a wrong context.The most important thing in an interview is to relax and be yourself.
  1. Never talk down to your previous employer- we would just assume that you would also do the same to us and this is a red flag in recruiting.

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