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Today, we would be looking at a number of baggages we need to avoid in order to achieve success in our career; I hope we all learn something from this… Enjoy.

An aspiring footballer will avoid being overweight, he will ensure that he is consistent with his exercises and able to perform at optimum for the time required to be on the field  without getting  tired because he knows that being overweight is a baggage that will prevent him from attaining success in his career. A good example is the Footballer Ronaldo De lima, who had to stay away from alcohol during his active playing days so as to keep fit and not gain excessive weight.

We all have one baggage or the other thatkeeps us from fulfilling our dreams, we need to identify them and let go of them in other to succeed. Below are a few baggages any aspiring entrepreneur or one who wants to build a successful career should be willing to let go.

  1. Pride: To be successful as an entrepreneur, you must be humble, humble enough to understand and learn the nitty-gritty of the business. You must be able to accommodate nonsense provided you gain knowledge or the technical know-how, you may sometimes run errands, work extra, work late or even work for free just to learn. Juststay focused on your goal without grumbling or complaining and by the time you realize it, all that you have learned will serve as the foundation for building a successful career.
  2. Time wasting: A lot of young people waste time doing unnecessary stuff, you will be amazed at how many hours some people spend sleeping, some can sleep 19hours a day…LOL – by doing so, they probably would have slept half of their lives away.

Social media is another time waster these days especially for young people. Social mediais extremely good for networking purposes and getting information but it has been abused. There are so many sites that are time wasters. Sometimes without knowing it some of us chat for over 4 hours, of course there is nothing wrong with that but the question is after that 4hours, you should ask yourself “what have I achieved?” if youranswer is “nothing”, then you have just wasted 4hours of your life. It is important to pay attention to how much time you spend on social media and ensure that every minute of it is worth it.

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