6 Baggages to Avoid in Achieving Career Success pt2

This is the concluding part of 6 Baggages to look out for to achieve career success.

3. Bad Association: Hanging out with the right association is extremely important. Remember, “He who has your ears, has your head”, give your ears to positive thinkers, a lot of us these days waste time with bad company and bad company corrupts the mind. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun, but it simply means have fun wisely and with the right people. A good number of businesses and ideas have been generated just by having fun or just hanging out, but remember “it’s with the right people”.

4. Fear: A lot of us are afraid to fail and will not even try at all. How do you know youcan’t make it if you don’t try? Most times, the difference between a success and a failure is just that the successful one tried. Of course, you may try and fall many times but what makes the difference is that you rise again. Very rich business men are ready to take risk with their money by investing in order to generate profit but the other keeps his money safe in a bank and it remains just the way it is.

5. Procrastination: Do what you can do now“NOW”!!! Avoid postponing exams, work, decision taking etc.

6. Distractions: Stay focused on your goal, know that a crowd is watching and never let the crowd dictate your life or the decisions you make. Imagine you are in a race and you are listening to the crowd, no matter the cheer, you are expected to remain focused till you get to the finishing line. Never allow anyone distract you from your goals; avoid negative talks and pessimists around you.

We hope you have been empowered and ready to take your career to the next level by avoiding these baggages so that you can achieve the best in your career and various life endeavours.

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