5 Qualities That Make An Outstanding Employee Part 1

Sometimes I remember the milestones encountered in course of building my career.At a particular law firm, I started out with the role of an Executive Assistant, and eventually rose to the position of Practice Administrator- a position which had previously always been occupied by an expatriate. Here are a few qualities that got me there.

  1. Integrity: An employee can have all the talent in the world, but without integrity, nothing significant can be accomplished. If nothing else, employers want people who can be trusted.
  2. A Positive Attitude: Having negativity around you just has a way of slowing you down. A consistently positive attitude in a workplace has a way of influencing the environment towards productivity. Avoid negative energy around you, stick to people who don’t complain and are positive minded.

Ask yourself, “What energy do I have around me”?


  1. Dependability: Can you be relied on? Can your employer trust your performance on each task? Can he trust you to meet your targets? Can he give you a job and go to sleep? Can he trust you to lead the team effectively in his absence?

Ask yourself “Am I dependable”?

  1. Proactivity: Be proactive; don’t always wait to be told what to do. Be a go-getter.

Ask yourself, “What can I do to make my company, my team or supervisor better”?

  1. Be A Team Player: This is a very common phrase in CVs these days, but the problem is that, to most people, it’s just a phrase. You should understand the value of working together and achieving a common goal. Learning to get along with others in your work environment is an invaluable quality. If you are the kind of employee who does not get along with people, be assured that you will have problems in your career.

Ask yourself, “Do I get along well with people? Are people comfortable around me”?

One of the reasons why we do what we do in BI Empowerment is to ensure that we empower our readers to stand out in the workplace and get to the peak of their careers- stick with us for more on this topic tomorrow.

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