5 Don’ts of an Interview

1. Do not talk only about yourself

Yes, it’s an interview, a.k.a., a Q&A session in which you are expected to answer questions. However, it’s red flag if you talk only about yourself.

At least a few times let other people’s names pop up. When asked about your career aspirations, you’d ideally want to throw out the name of some successful person you admire. Or, if you are asked about your previous experience and how it led to where you are now, hopefully mention someone positively —be it an influential colleague, boss, or client—in the answer.

2. Do not take credit for everything

Yes, an interview is a place to sell your accomplishments and pitch your potentials, be careful so that you don’t sound like someone who takes credit of any on-the-job success as a one-man show.

3. Do not avoid discussing your shortcomings

Be confident to discuss your shortcomings and areas of improvement with your prospective boss. Being able to recognize your weaknesses and working on ways to improve them will go a lot further on the job than trying to sweep them under the rug.

4. Do not give unprofessional responses to interview questions
Be very professional throughout the interview process. Do not swear when answering a basic question and follow it up with “Gosh, I don’t know why I just said that!”

5. Do not try too hard to be a perfect fit for the role.
Show how your qualifications align with the job description, but do not try too hard to be a perfect fit for the role. It would be surprising and a little fishy to find out that you have the exact number of years of experience, in the exact field, with the preferred degrees, and perfect resume and cover letter.

HR managers often want someone who could “hit the ground running,” so it’s surprising (even to them) when they’re turned off by someone who could set the course on fire. As they look out for someone who they think would grow within the role rather than someone who might feel immediately constrained by it.

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