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Remember your resume creates your first opportunity to make a great impression on potential employers:
1. Telling untruths – Be honest about your skills, achievements & work history. A lot of people also lie about their age. Lots of times, lies and exaggerations will come back to you when employers do background checks. Sometimes an interviewer can tell just by looking at your academic record. Ensure you stick to the truth.
2. Listing irrelevant work experiences: Emphasize the relevant experience for the job you are applying for and stay focused. Listing everything you have done in your work-life might end up shooting you in the foot, as it will give an impression of a lack of career focus.
3. Copying and pasting job responsibilities from the internet: Employers can actually visit Google if they want to see job responsibilities. Employers want to see more of your exact experience on that job, and your achievement in that role.
4. Over the top designs: CV’s should be easy to open and view. Avoid pictures, use a common font and don’t get too creative with borders. Keep things simple.
5. Using an informal email address: The right email address can boost your professionalism. Avoid using email addresses such as, or Use your name and avoid using nick names.
Other tips on sending applications.
Always take time to customize your CV for every application. Ensure you take a few minutes to carefully read and edit your CV before you send it.
Avoid ‘mistakenly’ presenting the resume you customized for company A to company B.
Avoid spelling and grammatical errors. This mistake sends a very unprofessional message. Infact, it communicates incompetence for the role being applied for.
Avoid short cuts like the ones used in text messages or social media, like “UR” and “U”. It gives an unserious impression about you.
We hope these few pointers will help our readers send better applications, thus create more opportunities for selection.

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